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TCPWave's DDI solution, encompassing DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management, stands out as the ultimate remedy to mitigate risks and cut costs while boosting efficiency and productivity through automation. At the heart of the our DDI solution lies the TCPWave IPAM, which streamlines automation demands for your organization. By incorporating AI integration, machine learning, and intelligent analytics, our solution ensures scalability, security, and resiliency. With centralized control and comprehensive network visibility, we empower businesses to navigate the complex terrain of network management with ease.

Our DDI solution provides valuable analytics, hierarchy diagrams, and audit reports, ensuring real-time monitoring of network assets, applications, and devices. This comprehensive monitoring, along with fault management and configuration assurance, plays a pivotal role in swiftly detecting potential issues and minimizing the risk of network outages, effectively reducing the costs associated with downtime. Leveraging machine learning intelligence, TCPWave DDI proactively identifies and counters malicious traffic, while incorporating DNS firewalls, application delivery controllers, web application firewalls, and more, to bolster your organization's security. With our DDI's automation capabilities, security vulnerabilities are promptly identified and resolved, significantly mitigating the risk of security breaches and costly data leaks. Additionally, our DDI management is one of the key solutions to an enterprise digital transformation.

Network Reliability

  • Improve network SLA to 99.9999%
  • Built in disaster recovery
  • Active-active HA clusters

Network Forensics

  • Role based access control to facilitate segregation of duties
  • Granular auditing to capture all user actions
  • Ability to stream logs to SIEM

Network Scalability

  • Ability to manage millions of IP addresses from a central controller
  • Ability to manage 100's of remotes from a single distributed cluster
  • No performance restrictions as the infrastructure scales

Network Availability

  • Drill down charts to display various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Intelligent decision making on the DDI plane reduces the downtime
  • Cohesive relationship between the routing protocols and name services

Network Integrity

  • Built in configuration assurance policies to perform periodic sanity checks
  • Highest grade of database referential integrity to eliminate corruption
  • Ability to prevent service disruptions caused due to operational errors

TCPWave's DDI solutions have undergone significant advancements to cater to a wide range of customer needs, placing utmost importance on information security as a core principle. Our commitment ensures swift clearance in penetration testing and ethical hacking assessments for critical applications like DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory. Strengthened by robust encryption, role-based access control, and the integration of AI/ML technologies, we offer comprehensive security features that include automated disaster recovery and network forensics capabilities. With its proactive detection and prevention of data breaches, our DDI framework effectively minimizes the risks of financial losses and damage to reputation. Notably, our expertise in containing malicious traffic has earned it a trusted reputation in the global capital markets, providing top-tier protection against sophisticated cyber-attacks.

  • TCPWave DDI solution provides businesses with cutting edge advantages through its cloud integration features, AI/ML based security engines, and easy-to-use REST API framework, allowing for enhanced automation capabilities (ServiceNow, Terraform, VRA Plugin).

  • With TCPWave DDI, businesses benefit from a powerful reporting framework that is included in the core product, providing comprehensive reporting without any added costs.

  • TCPWave's cloud integration features allow for flexible deployment options and easy scalability to meet the changing needs of businesses.

  • Revolutionize your digital network transformation with the TCPWave DDI solution, offered as a perpetual licensing or subscription-based model. Connect with us now to discover how we can enhance your network infrastructure.

TCPWave has established a distinguished reputation in the DDI infosec domain, offering an extensive array of over 1700 REST API calls. These API calls provide robust security measures through token-based or SSL certificate-based authentication, impressing network architects with their trustworthiness. The broad range of API calls simplifies DevOps provisioning models using popular tools like Ansible and Terraform. TCPWave IPAM seamlessly integrates with key platforms such as ServiceNow, VMWare VRA, and Kubernetes, automating DNS provisioning in private cloud environments. Additionally, TCPWave enables effortless management of DNS records in renowned cloud service providers like AWS, Google, and Azure. It serves as a single source of truth for network operators in global command centers, delivering comprehensive visibility and control through a unified, intuitive interface.

Auditing & Reporting
  • Unleash the power of data-driven network management with our Reporting Framework, combining DDI, ADC, and advanced analytics for unparalleled performance.

DDI Security
  • We offer advanced DDI, DNS, DHCP, and ADC security solutions for seamless protection against evolving cyber threats in network infrastructure.

High Availability
  • Experience our cutting-edge High Availability capabilities, delivering seamless failover and failback for your critical IT infrastructure needs.

Data Wizards
  • Streamline your data migration with our IPAM's intuitive wizards, designed to expedite and simplify data export and import operations.

Quick Tasks
  • Our Quick Tasks wizard is a versatile solution that enables effortless management of network resources for all DDI operators.

Blazing Performance
  • Offers high performance for enterprise DDI infrastructure, ensuring mission-critical services are available with almost 100% SLA.

CLI Interface
  • Efficiently manage hybrid cloud DNS with our powerful Command Line Interface and RESTful API.

WorkFlow Management
  • Optimize daily DDI operations with our Workflow Management, offering fine-grained access and control while preserving Segregation of Duties.

TCPWave IPAM leverages advanced technologies like machine learning, conversational AI, and AI-powered WAF for enhanced security. It detects anomalies, responds to threats, and proactively prevents future attacks. The conversational AI aids IT staff in understanding system security and optimal configuration. With an enterprise-grade load balancer and AI-powered WAF, TCPWave IPAM quickly identifies and mitigates malicious traffic, safeguarding against ransomware attacks. These comprehensive security features ensure robust network protection and peace of mind for organizations.

Simplify your DDI Management

Our DDI solution simplifies network management, lowers costs, and mitigates risks. Through automation, security prioritization, and intelligent analytics, our DDI improves efficiency and productivity. With its robust integration of DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management, our DDI ensures seamless network scalability, while AI integration and machine learning empower intelligent analytics for proactive decision-making. Our solution's centralized control and network visibility enhance resiliency and security measures, solidifying TCPWave DDI as a reliable choice for organizations seeking streamlined network management.

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Experience the future of network management
with TCPWave's DDI and ADC solution.
With the TCPWave DDI and ADC solution, you can securely manage DNS, DHCP, IP Address space , SLB, GSLB load
balancing with AI Powered WAF. Discover how our bundled subscription model saves our costs.

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