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TCPWave Software Appliances Datasheet

The TCPWave software appliances comprise the most powerful, flexible, and cost-effective software based DDI (DNS/DHCP/IPAM) solution in the industry.

TCPWave TW240 Appliance Datasheet

The TCPWave TW240 appliance is a small, affordable, yet powerful DDI hardened appliance ideal for remote DNS/DHCP operations.

TCPWave TW440 Appliance Datasheet

The TCPWave TW440 appliance is a powerful DDI (DNS/DHCP/IPAM) hardened server based on the rock solid, industry-proven Dell PowerEdge R440.

TCPWave TW740 Appliance Datasheet

The TCPWave TW740 appliance is the most powerful DDI (DNS/DHCP/IPAM) hardened server offered by TCPWave. The TW740 is based on the industry proven Dell PowerEdge R740.

TCPWave Solutions for Cloud Networking

TCPWave's enterprise DDI solution provides the mission-critical services necessary to run a business. However, disruptions in an enterprise's DDI service can be catastrophic.

Resilient External DNS Architecture

In the systems and networking environment, the growth and stability of an organization mainly depend on factors such as network infrastructure, system, data security.


Enterprises are growing more dispersed, borderless, developing, and deploying their applications at a faster rate that needs rapid and secure access to run the business smoothly.

TCPWave vRA Integration

VMWare recently released their cloud management platform offering with the latest version-vRealize Automation 8.2. This product comes with a complete redesign from their predecessor vRA7.

TCPWave Kubernetes Integration

Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.

TCPWave DDI Integrations

Integrations enable the enterprises to add external systems and applications to communicate with the TCPWave DDI controller. TCPWave DDI provides superior enterprise-grade cohesive APIs in the core solution.

TCPWave Security Features

With the rapidly evolving technological landscape, cyberthreats are intensifying. The graph of the cyberthreats is elevating to a point where there is no sign of it slowing down.

DNS TITAN End-User Security Overview and Configuration

TCPWave's DNS Titan End-User Security prevents users from accessing malicious sites. It explicitly blocks DNS queries for domain names of malicious hosts.

TCPWave IPAM IP Network Automation

In today's enterprise, IT organizations face a challenging landscape in managing multiple layers of network complexity.

TCPWave's Approach To Protective DNS (PDNS)

Paul Mockapetris's invention of the Domain Name System (DNS) in 1983 didn't have its security aspect in mind.

Network Automation For Various Industries

In the era of swift technological advancements, the information technology (IT) infrastructures and networking.

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