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The Domain Name System (DNS) server, a critical element of every organization's operational fabric, has transformed significantly over the decades. This server, which is essentially responsible for managing DNS records and translating names to IP addresses, enables network communication between systems. DNS zones, configuration, and monitoring are crucial aspects of this process. With the modernization of legacy DNS technology and the need to adapt to emerging technologies like cloud and microservices, a DNS management platform is required to handle DNS automation, troubleshooting, performance optimization, and scalability. TCPWave ensures seamless agility and DNS redundancy, delivering a 99.9999% SLA (Service Level Agreement) even in complex network environments.

Explore the competitive edge TCPWave's DDI solutions provide. Any changes made to the DNS configuration on our DDI controller are mirrored across all DNS server appliances in real time, facilitating DNS scalability and enhancing flexibility. Our DNS solution offers resilience by querying upstream authoritative sources without service interruption, even during network outages, ensuring DNS reliability. Unique to TCPWave is technology that converts a cache-only DNS resolver into an emergency master during WAN blackouts. Our innovative CNAME flattening technology, part of our DNS optimization strategy, reduces operational overheads and simplifies firewall rules, improving DNS performance. Furthermore, TCPWave integrates advanced deep learning and machine learning into our solutions, providing DNS security and DNS analytics, thus safeguarding internal DNS caches. With TCPWave, DNS automation, zone transfers, caching, load balancing, DNSSEC, failover, redundancy, and traffic management are managed securely, supported by DNS policy management, auditing, and reporting. Our NTP Anycast solution ensures redundancy and fault tolerance through intelligent server selection and robust algorithms.


Ensuring the security, reliability, and performance of DNS is a complex endeavor and our platform is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive insights, expert advice, and practical tips on DNS best practices. From optimizing DNS configurations and implementing secure protocols to mitigating DNS attacks and maximizing performance, we offer valuable resources for IT professionals, network engineers, and anyone interested in harnessing the power of DNS effectively.

Active Directory
  • Our DNS Active Directory is a comprehensive solution that enables enterprises to manage their DNS infrastructure and Active Directory seamlessly.

DNSSEC Support
  • Our DNSSEC is a robust security solution protecting DNS infrastructure from several cyber threats like DNS spoofing, and cache poisoning.

Microsoft Overlay
  • Our solution is designed to enhance the performance, reliability, and security of Microsoft DNS servers.

DNS Exfiltration Detection
  • We use AI algorithms in its DNS Titan solution to analyze DNS traffic and identify patterns indicative of DNS tunneling and exfiltration attempts.

Secure B2B
  • Provides secure and efficient B2B communication by protecting DNS infrastructure from external threats.

DDI Remote
  • Provide centralized network management capabilities for distributed networks and remote locations.

  • Offers high performance for enterprise DNS infrastructure, ensuring mission-critical services are available with almost 100% SLA.

DNS with Encryption

The TCPWave IPAM is a dynamic, future-ready DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) system serving as a robust DNS server. It integrates advanced features like encrypted messaging, dual DNS, machine learning, and superior analytics to ensure DNS security, performance, and optimization. It offers a responsive consumer-grade UX and leverages modern Java for intelligent automation. We enable real-time DNS configuration changes, simplifying data models to process thousands of DDI changes swiftly. TCPWave IPAM can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or via a hybrid model, offering flexibility for DNS integration and migration. The system's capacity to rapidly deploy and provision TCPWave DNS remotes across various platforms and orchestrators provides unmatched industry value.

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DNS Whitepapers

Numerous DNS-related documents are available on the Resources page, including the following :
TCPWave DDI - DNS Propagation

Learn about DNS Propagation and its configuration within the TCPWave IPAM Application.

TCPWave DDI - DNS over TLS

DNS over TLS(DoT) protocol provides data confidentiality with end-to-end encryption for DNS traffic. Learn more about the configuration of DoT within the TCPWave IPAM application.

TCPWave DDI - DNS Blackhole ACL

The use of ACLs is one of the network security practices that can protect the organization's network. Learn more about auto-blocking malicious traffic using the DNS Blackhole ACL mechanism in the TCPWave.