Embrace High Availability For Network Resiliency

Stay Connected, Stay Protected: Our HA solutions improve your network availability


Ensures uninterrupted network connectivity, increasing productivity and minimizing revenue loss.

Welcome to TCPWave's High Availability capabilities, where we provide reliable and robust solutions for your critical IT infrastructure needs. We understand the importance of ensuring your business-critical applications and services always remain operational. We are the leading provider of network infrastructure solutions with a strong focus on high availability (HA) capabilities.

The DDI controller and DDI/ADC remotes offer HA support for active-active and active-passive setups, providing customers with a reliable and resilient network infrastructure that ensures business continuity. Our HA capabilities are based on our resilient mesh architecture, which employs SQL database replication using database clustering technology with secure streaming on the management plane. It also uses a publisher/subscriber-based messaging framework for secure communication between the HA members. This guarantees that even in the event of a failure, there is no data loss, and all devices can continue to function without interruption. Additionally, it allows for seamless failover and failback, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum uptime.

Improved uptime and availability

Improved uptime and availability

  • Our high availability solutions ensure uninterrupted availability of critical applications and services, leading to improved uptime, customer satisfaction, and reduced revenue losses.
Enhanced scalability and flexibility

Enhanced scalability and flexibility

  • TCPWave's highly scalable and flexible high availability solutions enable businesses to adapt to changing business needs and remain competitive in the fast-paced digital landscape.
Reduced risk of data loss and corruption

Reduced risk of data loss

  • Ensure data safety and accessibility through redundancy and failover protection, mitigating risks of financial and reputational losses due to disruptions or failures.
Simplified management and maintenance

Simplified network management

  • Simplify management and maintenance with centralized monitoring, reducing overheads and allowing businesses to concentrate on strategic initiatives and core activities.
T-Message Secure Tunnel and HA Capabilities
Enhancing Reliability and Security with our T-Message Secure Tunnel and HA Capabilities

Our T-Message secure tunnel plays a significant role in creating, maintaining, and monitoring the health of the devices. It provides a secure and encrypted communication channel between the devices, enhancing reliability and security. Furthermore, our HA capabilities enable quick identification and resolution of issues through the alerts sent to the fault management engine, ensuring that any problems are addressed before they can cause a significant impact on the network infrastructure.

Ensure Network Resilience and Seamless Disaster Recovery

Our HA capabilities are essential for disaster recovery. When a single node of an HA cluster fails, the redundant node takes over instantaneously, ensuring that the network traffic does not experience any disruption or degradation of service. The remote DNS HA and remote DHCP HA enhance the network's resiliency. By providing active-active and active-passive setups, customers can choose the best option for their specific needs and requirements.

Advanced Cluster Management Techniques
Advanced Cluster Management Techniques

TCPWave Remote is a robust tool that ensures high availability of critical services and applications. It provides a framework for managing HA clusters and includes many features to ensure the reliability and resiliency of the cluster. It uses several algorithms, to determine the primary node for a given resource group, and virtual IPs to provide a virtual address that can be moved between nodes. It also monitors the health of services running on the cluster and restarts them if necessary.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Network Services with our Robust Failover Mechanisms

To further assist risk management architects and disaster recovery planning coordinators, our core network services (DNS & DHCP) continue to function even if both nodes of a local HA cluster fail. The failover definitions of the DHCP appliance and the redundant authoritative appliance for DNS or the DNS Anycast cache appliance with BGP mesh automatically take the traffic to another data center. With all the available best practices and performance enhancements, We ensure that the network never experiences a degradation of service because of a single component's unexpected failure.

Robust Failover Mechanisms

In conclusion, TCPWave's High Availability capabilities offer reliable and robust solutions for critical IT infrastructure needs, ensuring uninterrupted availability of business-critical applications and services. Our HA support, resilient architecture, and secure messaging framework guarantee minimal downtime and maximum uptime. With enhanced scalability and simplified management, businesses can adapt to changing needs and focus on strategic initiatives. The T-Message secure tunnel enhances reliability and security, while advanced cluster management and failover mechanisms ensure network resilience and seamless disaster recovery. Therefore, TCPWave ensures data safety, reduced risks, and satisfied customers.