Easy-To-Use Admin Panel

Stay on top of your DDI tasks from start to finish - all from the palm of your hand


Perform tasks quickly and easily with the our Quick Tasks wizard powered by Alice's Artificial Intelligence.

TCPWave Quick Tasks wizard provides a simple yet powerful way to manage your network resources. Designed for entry-level network operators as well as proficient DDI administrators, our solution provides a user-friendly interface for performing a wide range of tasks. Whether you need to add a DNS A record, define a DHCP scope, or perform more advanced functions, Quick Tasks has got you covered.

Increased productivity

  • With a simple and intuitive interface, the Quick Tasks screen allows users to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to manage network resources.

Improved accuracy

  • The Quick Tasks screen provides a user-friendly interface that reduces the chances of errors and mistakes, ensuring that network resources are managed accurately and effectively.

Enhanced security

  • All activities performed on the Quick Tasks screen are audited and recorded, providing an added layer of security and accountability for network administrators.

Reduced training costs

  • The Quick Tasks screen is designed to be easy to use, reducing the need for extensive training for entry-level network operators. AI based Chatbot known as Alice makes it easy to use.

Increased flexibility

  • The Quick Tasks screen is compatible with various versions of browsers, tablets, and smartphones, providing users with the flexibility to manage network resources from virtually any device.

If you need even more support, the Alice chatbot is here to help. Using natural language processing and AI-powered technology, Alice can understand the intent behind your queries and perform complex tasks with ease. This makes it easy for new users to get started and reduces the need for extensive training.

Together, the Quick Tasks wizard and Alice chatbot provide a powerful suite of tools for managing your network resources. With the ability to personalize and engage with users in a more meaningful way, Alice can help you get the most out of your network management experience. Contact us to learn more about the TCPWave Quick Tasks and Alice.