Quick Tasks

The TCPWave DDI administrators can unlock the real power of the TCPWave DDI controller using the TCPWave Quick Tasks wizard. A wizard is an ideal tool to quickly get your users started using the TCPWave DDI ecosystem. It provides a simple visual user interface of the important tasks that an entry-level network operator, as well as a proficient DDI administrator, would perform. The quick tasks wizard is compatible with various versions of browsers, tablets, and smartphones. It offers a simple interface to perform trivial tasks such as adding a DNS A record, adding an alias, defining a DHCP scope, etc. It can also perform advanced tasks such as adding a network, defining a subnet, provisioning mail exchanger records, etc. Similar to the advanced interfaces, all the activities performed by any user on the quick tasks interface are audited and recorded. With the advanced Identity Administration framework that is embedded into TCPWave IPAM, the user administrator can define a custom administrator to have visibility to the quick tasks screen. Leveraging the advanced permissions model, an enterprise can restrict the access to the entry-level network operators so that they cannot go to the advanced sections of the TCPWave IPAM. The entry-level team can perform quick tasks only on the resources for which they have the permissions. The user-friendly help screens that are present on each screen of the TCPWave IPAM assist the user by providing the appropriate information to perform the desired action.