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Network defense systems powered by Titan threat intelligence deliver cyber resilience.

Shielding your networks from cyberattacks, especially DNS attacks and dealing with the aftermath of ransomware can feel like battling an unseen adversary. Cyber intrusions can occur through vulnerabilities in web applications, DNS vulnerabilities, network security gaps, or the infiltration of self-replicating malware into the network. DNS spoofing and DNS hijacking are prominent threats to network safety. Any security breach, particularly those exploiting DNS vulnerabilities, can significantly impact the business, taking even the most experienced experts many hours to recover. As attacks continue to increase, a more sophisticated security ecosystem is needed to protect core DDI and ADC services and mission-critical applications, including DNS security.

At TCPWave, we are committed to providing our customers with the best-in-class DNS security solutions that protect their network from evolving cyber threats. Our AI/ML-based DNS threat intelligence technology, coupled with our role-based access controls and high availability configurations, help keep your network secure and free from ransomware attacks. Our solutions also encompass DNS filtering, DNS firewall, and DNS monitoring to enhance network safety. Additionally, enhance your network security further by implementing TCPWave's AIOps, which effectively identifies and mitigates network outages, ensuring the protection of DNS services.

Safeguarding network from the ground up with the IPAM security

TCPWave's IPAM security solution ensures the secure management of IP addresses within a network, helping combat DNS attacks and mitigate DNS vulnerabilities. It integrates segregation of duties, auditing, and reporting for effective DNS policy enforcement and compliance. Our solution provides protection from DDOS attacks, a common form of DNS attacks, by incorporating rate limiting for REST API calls. Our advanced solution also applies AI and machine learning for DNS threat intelligence and DNS anomaly detection. This aids in the detection of malicious activities like DNS exfiltration, which is a common tactic in DNS hijacking. Our system's IDS/IPS, provided through Suricata and Zeek, enhances DNS visibility and offers real-time threat detection and response .

Stay ahead of DNS threats with robust DNS security

Our DDI solution prioritizes DNS security by offering a wide range of defences against attacks and vulnerabilities. It includes response rate limiting, response policy zones, DNS filtering, a DNS firewall, and a B2B DNS Proxy to protect against threats like spoofing and hijacking. The system utilizes machine learning and deep learning to forecast network capacity and detect DNS exfiltration. DNS anomaly detection techniques enhance visibility and threat intelligence. Our IPAM conducts integrity checks and validates data accuracy, ensuring DNS hygiene and resilience. The solution supports protocols like TSIG, GSS-TSIG, DOT, DOH, and DNSSEC, strengthening data communication through encryption and authentication. We enable secure and dependable DNS infrastructure, fostering network safety and reliability.

Ensure reliable and secure network connectivity with DHCP security

Our DHCP security features, combined with its comprehensive DNS security measures, offer a robust solution that not only prevents rogue DHCP server attacks and IP address conflicts but also defends against DNS attacks and DNS vulnerabilities. By implementing our DHCP security measures alongside DNS protection methods like DNS filtering, DNS firewall, and DNSSEC, we help prevent unauthorized DHCP servers and clients from compromising the network. Contact us to learn how to improve your DHCP and DNS security deployment with our modern, resilient solution.

Future-proof your business with ADC security

The Themis ADC solution by TCPWave offers a comprehensive security solution for critical applications serving internal or external networks. Using AI and signature-based methods, Themis analyses HTTP or HTTPS headers, thereby enhancing visibility into potential security issues. It has integrated WAF capabilities to detect and block common web vulnerabilities like XSS and SQL injection, helping to prevent DNS attacks. Additionally, Themis ADC provides protection against DDoS attacks, a prevalent form of DNS attack, through rate-limiting and traffic shaping. Themis also safeguards against OWASP Top 10 security risks, demonstrating its alignment with DNS best practices. Ensuring the security of sensitive data, it is a reliable solution for protecting mission-critical applications and ensuring network resilience.


DNS Exfiltration Detection
  • AI and ML models enable real-time detection and prevention of DNS Exfiltration by effectively analyzing network traffic for unusual patterns.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • TCPWave's integrated T-Zeek IDS monitors port 53 traffic, detecting and preventing cyber attacks by identifying abnormal DNS behavior.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • TCPWave's T-Suricata IDS monitors network traffic, detects attacks, and ensures robust intrusion detection and prevention.

DNS Response Policy Zones (RPZ)
  • TCPWave IPAM integrates RPZ for layer-7 firewall with advanced threat intelligence, blocking malware and phishing.

Deep Packet Inspection
  • The DNS appliances offered by TCPWave IPAM come equipped with a stateful firewall that enables powerful packet filtering capabilities.

DNS Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • Enforces DNS security using ACLs by restricting access to DNS zones or records based on the IP address or network of the requesting client.

Capacity Planning with AI/ML
  • Provides real-time visibility into your network's DNS traffic. Additionally, our ML forecasting charts provide predictive analysis for potential DNS threats.

DNS over TLS (DOT)
  • Enhance your network security by safeguarding your DNS queries from potential threats. Provides a reliable user browsing experience.

  • Hels organizations protect against DNS-based threats and comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Our DNSSEC is a robust security solution protecting DNS infrastructure from several cyber threats like DNS spoofing, and cache poisoning.

TCPWave's DDI security solution protects your organization from a wide array of cyber threats while enjoying the scalability, flexibility, and ease of use that our platform provides. With our state-of-the-art technology and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust TCPWave to safeguard your network infrastructure and support your business's growth in the digital age.

Why Choose TCPWave's Security Solution ??
Protection Against Advanced threats
Detect and prevent advanced threats such as DNS based attacks, malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks. Identify and respond to threats in real-time.  
Faster Incident Response
Comes with advanced monitoring and alerting features, enabling your organization to respond quickly to potential threats and minimize the impact of any security breaches.
Enhanced Visibility and Control
Provides visibility and control over network traffic, allowing organizations to identify and block malicious activities, prevent data leaks, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.
Increased Productivity
Minimizes downtime caused by security incidents, system crashes, or network outages. Improve employee productivity and reduce the risk of lost revenue due to disruptions in business operations.
Improved Compliance and Risk Management
Help organizations comply with industry regulations and manage risk. Provide detailed reports and analysis of network activity to help identify and mitigate potential threat.
Brand Reputation and Customer Trust
Preserve your organization's reputation by ensuring that your online presence is reliable and safe, contributing to a positive brand image and customer perception.
Customer Testimonials

We've been working with TCPWave for several years now, and their DNS security solutions have been instrumental in protecting our business from cyber threats. Their security team is always up-to-date on the latest security trends and technologies, and they provide us with expert advice on how to keep our organizational network safe. We've experienced fewer network issues and have greater peace of mind knowing that DDI Security is on our side. We highly recommend their solution to any business looking to improve their DDI security.

- Mike

Before partnering with TCPWave, our organization struggled with frequent security breaches and DDoS attacks. But TCPWave's Security Solution has been a game-changer for us. We no longer have to worry about compromised network assets, and our customers have noticed the difference. TCPWave's commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of innovation makes them the perfect partner for any security-conscious organization.

- Robert

I can't praise TCPWave enough for their exceptional customer support and industry-leading  security solutions. Their team of security experts has helped us navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape, ensuring our network remains secure and our data stays protected.

- Kate

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