Out of the box DNS Integrations

Discover how our DNS integrations assist your IaaS projects in hybrid clouds with security


Improve your network orchestration efficiency by utilizing our simplified DNS integrations with a multitude of third-party providers.

The TCPWave solution provides proven integrations for unlocking the full potential of your DDI data. Our advanced APIs enable seamless communication between your core DDI infrastructure and external systems and applications, making your DDI data more accessible, efficient, and secure than ever before.  As the digital landscape evolves, DevOps, CloudOps, NetOps, and SecOps increasingly rely on API access to DDI data for a variety of reasons. Our DDI Integrations empowers your enterprise to meet the demands of today's interconnected world while ensuring the highest levels of information security. Our solution is widely used for Ansible, Terraform, Servicenow and VMWare VRA automation and orchestration platforms

Superior Enterprise-Grade Cohesive APIs

Elevate your business capabilities by leveraging our robust, adaptable, and secure APIs, ensuring seamless communication and data exchange across your organization.

Integration with Provisioning Orchestrators

Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of provisioning orchestrators to streamline and automate your infrastructure deployment and management processes.

Enhanced Security through SSL/TLS.

Experience unparalleled protection with our advanced SSL/TLS authentication, safeguarding your data from threat actors. Unlock the door to a secure digital world where trust and privacy go hand in hand.

Compliance with Industry Compliance

Ensure seamless adherence to industry standards and regulations with our compliance solutions. Navigate the complex world of compliance effortlessly, and focus on what truly matters.

IaaS Integrations

Integrations enable the enterprises to add external systems and applications to communicate with the TCPWave DDI controller. Our DDI provides superior enterprise-grade cohesive APIs (Application Programming Interface) in the core solution. The idea of integrating the core DDI infrastructure to the other applications using APIs is a key success in the modern digital era. Today‘s age of DevOps, CloudOps, NetOps, and SecOps has many applications that constantly require API access to the DDI data for various reasons. With APIs, enterprises can unlock the DDI data so that the data can be reused effectively and efficiently to deliver a favorable end-user experience.


TCPWave DDI Integrations offers a growing list of supported integrations that enable enterprises to build intelligent workflows and automate time-consuming tasks. Our solution simplifies processes such as adding DNS records, creating DHCP scopes, and changing DNS aliases, resulting in increased operational efficiency and agility. We provide a ServiceNow activity pack, a VMWare VRA plugin and many AWS Lambda functions. 

We understand that information security is critical in system-to-system communication. TCPWave DDI Integrations ensures secure encrypted connections by utilizing SSL or enhanced Transport Layer Security (TLS) methods for authentication. The Certificate Authority (CA) verifies the authenticity of the requestor's certificate, and the signer certificate is stored in the trust store of our DDI controller. Our commitment to security extends to the storage of key store and trust store passwords. Our DDI Integrations encrypts these passwords using the most sophisticated encryption cipher algorithms, ensuring that your data remains protected at all times.

Ansible Integration
  • Streamlined management of DNS and IP address services through Ansible's infrastructure automation capabilities, enabling businesses to achieve faster provisioning.

Cisco Integration
  • Seamless integration of network management and configuration, automating Cisco networking device management to enhance network operations.

Cyberark Integration
  • Integration with CyberArk strengthens the security of network infrastructure through privileged access management ensuring robust defense against potential cyber threats.

Kubernetes Integration
  • Simplified integration with Kubernetes enhances management of DNS services within Kubernetes clusters, to seamlessly manage network resources.

ServiceNow Integration
  • Seamless alignment of DNS management and IT service management processes, to streamline incident resolution with ServiceNow integration.

Terraform Integration
  • Automate and orchestrate the provisioning and management of network infrastructure with Terraform integration, resulting in accelerated infrastructure deployment.

VMware vRA Plugin
  • Effortless orchestration of virtual networking environments, to simplify network provisioning and optimize resource utilization within VMware infrastructure.

Cloud Integrations
  • TCPWave's cloud integrations facilitate seamless scaling and resource optimization, to simplify network management across multiple cloud environments.

Splunk Integration
  • Integration of TCPWave's DNS management capabilities with Splunk's powerful monitoring platform empowers businesses to optimize performance.

OpenStack Integration
  • Effective management of network services within OpenStack cloud environments enables businesses to easily provision, configure and manage their network resources.

Explore the transformative power of TCPWave DDI Integrations, revolutionizing your enterprise's data management. Uncover streamlined operations and enhanced capabilities that drive efficiency and innovation. Experience a new level of control and agility with our integrated solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive DDI integration solutions.