“TCPWave = Agility + Innovation”


Newer generation vendors provide advantages that incumbents cannot research has found that Incumbent Vendors need to lookout for their own interests before customers

To support digital business, infrastructure and operations leaders responsible for networking must transform their data center networks from fragile to agile

Key Challenges
  • Enterprise networking teams rely heavily on established network vendors for guidance regarding network operations.
  • Established networking vendors present themselves as trusted advisors to their enterprise clients; however, they have not guided customers toward dramatic operational improvements, particularly in the data center.
  • Networking vendors often market their products to the enterprise as “highly innovative,” but the innovations have not delivered dramatic improvements in network operations.
  • Cultural issues in enterprise network teams, including risk avoidance and rigid change management practices, have led to manual processes and the use of command line interface as the primary configuration tool. This makes it difficult for enterprises to operate at the speed that digital business demands.

If you're dependent on one of legacy DDI vendors, your DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management system may very well be running out of gas.