DDI with ADC Management to Improve Security

Application security powered with Artificial Intelligence

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Themis ADC integrates GSLB, SLB, and WAF capabilities to offer a comprehensive solution for intelligent network management.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, establishing and maintaining a stable and reliable network infrastructure is paramount for organizations seeking sustainable success. TCPWave presents a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates Application Delivery Controller (ADC) load balancing with DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI), enabling organizations to efficiently manage their networks. By leveraging TCPWave's innovative solution, businesses can optimize traffic management, ensure high availability, scalability, and enhanced performance. The integration of ADC load balancing with DDI enhances application security, accelerates performance, and promotes optimization. Through AI integration, machine learning, and intelligent analytics, we provide centralized control, automation, and network visibility, streamlining network management processes and fostering operational efficiency.

For CISO's

For CISO's

Say goodbye to downtime and network congestion with TCPWave ADC - the advanced solution trusted by top CISOs worldwide for seamless and secure network traffic management.

For CloudOps Team

For CloudOps Team

A comprehensive solution that offers seamless integration, scalability, and security for your cloud and automation needs to achieve unparalleled cloud performance.

For DC Managers

For DC Managers

Themis ADC - The intelligent solution for Data Center Managers who want to streamline network management and reduce downtime.

For DevOps Team

For Decision Makers

Boost your SOC team's efficiency with TCPWave's advanced analytics, machine learning, and automation. Safeguard all your network assets from threats with our cutting-edge security solutions.

For NetOps Team

For NetOps Team

Protect your network with confidence - choose TCPWave ADC, the comprehensive network security solution trusted by top industry professionals.

For SecOps Team

For SecOps Team

Advanced solution that provides scalable protection for your network infrastructure, enabling you to simplify your network security management and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Application Resiliency Using Themis

Load balancing across servers within a data center

TCPWave's Application Delivery Controller (ADC) appliances offer advanced Server Load Balancing (SLB) capabilities, ensuring optimal performance in data centers. Leveraging SLB, organizations can intelligently direct traffic to backend servers using a Virtual IP (VIP), preventing server overload and improving response times. TCPWave's ADC appliances excel in effective application traffic management and minimizing downtime, making them essential in modern data center management. These appliances are designed to handle heavy network traffic, efficiently manage server resources, and maintain exceptional network performance. They ensure high availability, scalability, and performance optimization.

Server Load Balancing
Global Server Load Balancing
Wide Area Load Balancing

TCPWave's Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution empowers organizations with a strategic advantage, enhancing application availability and performance. By leveraging GSLB, organizations can distribute traffic across multiple data centers or servers, reducing latency, improving response times, and enhancing the user experience. This optimization increases customer satisfaction and drives business growth. Our GSLB solution intelligently manages traffic based on server load and user location, optimizing application performance. Additionally, it serves as a robust disaster recovery measure, ensuring service availability during data center or server failures. With our GSLB solution, organizations can maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced business landscape.

Web-application Firewall (WAF)

TCPWave's Themis ADC solution seamlessly integrates a robust Web Application Firewall (WAF) fortified with advanced technologies like deep learning and signature-based detection. This comprehensive security package ensures real-time identification and prevention of cyber threats. By leveraging the power of Themis ADC with WAF, businesses experience improved operational efficiency and a reduced risk of security incidents, including data breaches. Our WAF goes beyond traditional signature-based detection, equipping businesses with effective means to combat evolving threats. It guarantees availability, minimizes downtime, and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. With Themis ADC and its WAF solution, businesses can confidently safeguard their web applications from the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Web-application Firewall
Secure Socket Layer offloading
SSL Offloading

TCPWave's SSL offloading solutions offer businesses enhanced security, scalability, and application performance by efficiently managing SSL/TLS encryption and decryption processes. This approach alleviates the burden on application servers, enabling them to focus on core tasks and improving overall efficiency. Seamlessly integrating with load balancers, our solutions effectively distribute traffic, optimizing server resources, simplifying certificate management, and reducing infrastructure costs. Supporting various encryption standards, our SSL offloading solution aids organizations in meeting compliance requirements while ensuring maximum compatibility. With our flexible and tailored solutions, we empower businesses of all sizes to achieve heightened security and performance.


TCPWave's Application Delivery Controller (ADC) caching feature provides numerous benefits for businesses, including enhanced scalability, reduced response times, and improved server efficiency. By caching static and dynamic content, such as images, HTML pages, and database queries, applications can effectively handle increased traffic, deliver faster transactions, and lower server downtime and maintenance costs. Caching plays a vital role in minimizing network latency, reducing bandwidth usage, and increasing availability, making applications more resilient against traffic spikes. Moreover, cached content contributes to reducing security risks and improving reliability, enhancing business continuity. With accelerated content delivery and an enhanced user experience, TCPWave's ADC caching offers a cost-effective solution for boosting application performance.


TCPWave's Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solution offers businesses a comprehensive range of advantages, including accelerated speed, improved efficiency, and an enhanced user experience. Leveraging advanced compression techniques, this solution expedites content delivery, boosting search engine rankings, and reducing infrastructure costs. It also enhances throughput, optimizing web performance. Our ADC solution incorporates robust security measures, centralized management capabilities, and customizable options to meet specific business needs. This versatility makes it a suitable choice for organizations of all sizes. With its cost-effective nature and competitive advantages, our ADC solution has the potential to significantly enhance business operations and drive profitability.

Rev up your network with TCPWave - the ADC solution that never hits the brakes!
Scalability and Flexibility
The TCPWave Themis ADC solution guarantees seamless scalability to match your company's expansion, enabling optimal performance and availability amidst growing workloads and network traffic.
Multi-Cloud Application Delivery
The TCPWave Themis ADC solution seamlessly integrates with diverse cloud environments, such as public, private, and hybrid clouds, ensuring compatibility across multiple platforms.
The TCPWave Themis ADC Solution reduces network infrastructure management costs and complexity by consolidating multiple network services into a single solution and streamlining deployment for lower operational costs.
Advanced Security Features
The TCPWave Themis ADC solution ensures robust application and infrastructure security through its AI/ML-powered WAF, which actively detects and mitigates web application attacks in real-time, providing comprehensive protection against cyber threats.
Traffic Optimization
The TCPWave Themis ADC Solution boosts network speed and user experience through latency reduction, packet loss minimization, and advanced features like content caching, compression, and acceleration leading to improved user experience.
Superior Analytics and Visibility
The TCPWave Themis ADC Solution provides comprehensive analytics and visibility into application performance, enabling informed decisions and proactive issue resolution, resulting in a competitive edge.
Customer Testimonials

We have been using TCPWave's Themis Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) and have consistently been impressed by its reliability and performance. By significantly enhancing the availability and performance of our applications, the ADC has enabled us to offer an excellent user experience to our customers.

- Caroline

We used to experience slow load times and occasional downtime, which caused frustration for our customers and lost revenue for us. However, with the TCPWave's Themis ADC in place, we've seen a significant improvement in our website's speed and reliability.

- Gaurav

TCPWave's Themis ADC has improved our customer experience and helped us save time and money by reducing the need for manual intervention in managing our web traffic. We no longer worry about our website's ability to handle high traffic volumes during peak periods. Our customers have also noticed the difference and have provided positive feedback.

- Paul