Workflow Management
Active Directory
Workflow Management

Workflow Management provides a fine-grained access to the IPAM Administrators with lower privilege levels to conveniently perform day to day DDI Operations without compromising on the concept of Segregation of Duties. With the workflow integration, Normal Administrators and Power Administrators within the organization will be able to stage actions like adding a DNS entry/ Bulk adding subnets for approval and get them reviewed and approved by Super Administrators or Functional Administrators before execution.

The NADM and PADM users can perform Add/Modify/Delete Operations on the Web Interface. These operations are termed as workflows and are staged for approvals by SADM or FADM users. Every workflow action that is staged will be entitled with a unique workflow identification number. Any change in ticket number that has been entered at the beginning of the session will also be automatically pulled into the data by tracking the HTTP Header.


SADM and FADM users can login to the workflow management web interface and review the data. Only these users will have the privilege to Approve/Deny a workflow. A workflow that has been approved or denied cannot be revoked since the workflow manager asynchronously delegates the action to the appropriate service handler for execution upon approval. However, the underlying entity can be revoked using the Undo Functionality.