TCPWave IPAM Release Notes


TCPWave delivers the new features, improvements, and stability fixes for it's TCPWave DDI application. This page displays the information about the changes in the latest version of the product, you can also find detailed information about these updates in the Release Notes.

You can contact TCPWave Technical Support at [email protected] or call us on 888-831-8276 or log in to the Customer Portal to raise a trouble ticket in case of any service interruptions.

Product Version:  v11.32P1

Product Component


Security Management

Maintenance: Upgraded Log4j and Java dependencies.

Microsoft DNS Management

Feature: TCPWave IPAM now supports Microsoft DNS Split Brain functionality. This feature imports the zone scopes and resolution policies from the MS DNS appliances for the specified zone.


Feature: Enhanced support for OpenStack driver to add or delete the DNS entries using a secure SSL rest API that is triggered to TCPWave IPAM.

Discovery Management

Enhancement: The Distributed Discovery functionality is enhanced for the remotes and IPAM to perform the Discovery. The Discovery crawling engine derives configuration from the TCPWave IPAM and the crawling engines on the remotes use SSH, SNMP, NetBIOS, Switch Port, ARP, ICMP, VMware, Cloud, Nmap, etc methods to crawl and discover the entire network.

IPv6 Management

Enhancements: TCPWave IPAM enhancements for IPv6 include:

  • Support for a larger 128-bit IPv6 addressing space.
  • Ability to create, edit, and delete IPv6 Subnets and IPv6 Objects.
  • Support for Sequential, Random, Sparse algorithms for IPv6 Address Allocation.
  • Support for Sequential, Random, Sparse algorithms for IPv6 Address Allocation.
  • Ability to create, edit, and delete Managed IPv6 Reverse Zones.
  • Ability to manage permissions for IPv6 Address Allocation.
  • Added new tabs TCPWave DNS IPv6 Appliances and TCPWave DHCP IPv6 Appliances in the respective sections of DNS and DHCP Management.

IPAM Threat Intelligence

Feature: A hybrid model called Atlantis is developed to process domains by a Convolution neural networks layer and a Long Short-Term Memory layer in parallel for improved DNS security.

Network Management

Features: The following features are introduced:

  • An option to support the ability to bulk update the root password on the remote appliances.
  • Added a tab to maintain resource records such as A, MX, TXT etc that donot get flattened.
  • An option is added to configure the multiple router IPs when a User Defined value is selected.
  • Improved AD Scavenging feature by providing options to select time frame, zones, and records.
  • Added a feature to dynamically remove records such as AD Scavenging.
  • Added an external RR check box option for the reverse zone RRs.
  • A new option custom notify is introduced in the zone template page.
  • Enhanced the DHCP lease monitoring feature.
  • Added DHCP exclusion ranges support for Microsoft DHCP enabled subnets.
  • Feature to associate multiple DHCP classes for a given DHCP scope.
  • Provided hyperlinks to navigate to the edit subnet properties page.
  • Improved scope utilization summary by adding percentage and hyperlinks.
  • Feature to allow repeated use of same file name in import wizard.

Maintenance: Updating the Global DNS Elevated Privileges caused every BGP/Zebra to hard restart.

Microsoft DHCP Management


Added support to remove server operator from non admin privileges in Microsoft Appliances


  • Remove symbol used to show password in MS-DHCP appliance edit page.
  • Added Microsoft IPv4 DHCP Appliance in logs while updating MS-DHCP Appliance.

Common Functionality in IPAM

Feature: To meet the business requirements the TCPWave IPAM dashboard can be customized to analyse the comprehensive data that is spread across the application by building custom widgets.

  • Support for dark themed UI and elastic tabs across the application.

Reports Management

Feature: The following reports are introduced:

  • DNS Queries per Second report.
  • DNS Query Rate by Query Type report.
  • DNS Clients Querying MX Records report.
  • DNS Query Rate by Client report.
  • DNS Clients by Query Type report.

DNS Charts

Feature: The following DNS charts are added:

  • DNS Cache Hit Ratio.
  • DNS Cache Statistics.
  • Total DNS Cached Entries.

CLI Updates

Added the following CLIs:

  • addipv6block
  • addipv6pool
  • deleteipv6block
  • editipv6block
  • exportipv6reversezone
  • editipv6pool
  • exportipv6block
  • exportipv6pool
  • fetchnamedlog
  • importipv6reversezone
  • importipv6block
  • importipv6pool
  • listipv6block
  • listipv6pool
  • listavailablesubnet

Updated the following CLIs:

  • addipv6subnetgroup
  • deleteipv6subnetgroup
  • exportipv6object
  • exportipv6subnet
  • editipv6subnetgroup
  • fetchquerylog
  • importipv6object
  • importipv6subnet
  • listipv6subnet
  • listipv6object
  • listipv6subnetgroup
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