Improve Core Network Services With High Availability From TCPWave
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The Internet is an excellent platform for businesses to grow. However, it can be harsh on your enterprise if your DNS services are fragile, lack proactive monitoring and an innovative built-in action plan to continue operations even during DNS attacks or physical failures. A DNS failure is not suitable for your business. TCPWave understands that certain events are beyond control, but our DNS Resiliency solutions empower you to sail through any DNS crisis.

Dns Authoritative Appliance

Authoritative DNS Appliance

Authoritative DNS appliance for hosting authoritative zone data.


  • ISC BIND Authoritative
  • NSD Authoritative
DNS Cache Appliance

Cache DNS Appliance

Cache DNS appliance to perform recursive lookup.


  • ISC BIND Cache
  • UNBOUND Cache
DNS Disaster Recovery

When a wide area network blackout occurs because of a disaster or an ISP failure, a TCPWave DNS cache appliance takes charge as an authoritative emergency appliance interrupting the enterprise's network.

Dual DNS

ISC's BIND, Unbound, and NSD are three DNS flavors with different source codes preloaded with the TCPWave remote appliance package. After the configuration, they work in sync to enable you with continuous DNS operations.

Stealth DNS Master

Stealth DNS Master keeps your master DNS appliance hidden from the DNS infrastructure. The authoritative DNS appliances visible on the network would function as DNS Slaves. A stealth master protects your DNS Data since the slave DNS zones are not writable.


The authoritative appliances can be configured as master or as DNS slave appliances. With this topology, TCPWave provides high availability where a single DNS zone serves multiple authoritative DNS appliances.

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