Ensuring Uninterrupted DNS Resiliency for a Digital World

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In today's business world, the Internet serves as an excellent platform for growth. However, if your DNS services are fragile, lack proactive monitoring, and do not have an innovative built-in action plan to continue operations even during DNS attacks or physical failures, it can be harsh on your enterprise. A DNS failure is not suitable for your business, and that's where TCPWave comes in. We understand that certain events are beyond your control, but our DNS Resiliency solutions empower you to sail through any DNS crisis with ease.

High Availability

High Availability

  • We ensure high availability of DNS infrastructure, minimizing downtime, revenue loss, and maintaining customer satisfaction during crises, even during DNS-based attacks, failures, or outages.
Improved Security

Improved Security

  • Protects DNS infrastructure from DDoS attacks, malware, and phishing attempts, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of DNS data to enhance customer trust and maintain organizational reputation.
Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

  • Offers easy-to-use features with automation, monitoring, and reporting to reduce IT workload and improve operational efficiency, integrated with existing IT infrastructure.
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

  • Offers flexible, cost-effective pricing models with built-in scalability to add or remove capacity as organizational needs change. It optimizes IT spending, lowers total cost of ownership, and improves return on investment.
Enhancing DNS Resiliency with Advanced Security Measures

Our DNS resiliency works by utilizing advanced technologies and techniques to ensure that your DNS infrastructure remains highly available, secure, and reliable, even during times of crisis. One of the key features of our DNS resiliency is its ability to automatically detect and mitigate DNS-based attacks, such as DDoS attacks, malware, and phishing attempts. This is achieved through the use of sophisticated threat intelligence and machine learning algorithms that continuously monitor your network for any suspicious activity and take immediate action to protect your DNS infrastructure.

Ensuring High Availability and Load Balancing for DNS Services

We provide a range of failover and load-balancing capabilities that ensure your DNS services remain available at all times. This is achieved through the use of advanced DNS failover technologies that automatically route traffic to an alternate DNS server in the event of a failure or outage. We also offer load-balancing features that enable you to distribute DNS queries across multiple servers, ensuring that no single server becomes overwhelmed and that your DNS infrastructure remains highly available and responsive. With our DNS resiliency, you can be confident that your DNS infrastructure will remain highly available, secure, and reliable, even in the face of the most challenging conditions.

Secure, reliable, and high-performance DNS solutions for your business
Authoritative DNS Appliance
We offer authoritative DNS appliance for hosting authoritative zone data, available in two flavors: ISC BIND and NSD authoritative. With our solutions, you can easily manage your authoritative DNS data, ensuring it is always up to date and accessible.
Cache DNS Appliance
Our cache DNS appliance enables you to perform recursive lookups with ease, available in two flavors: ISC BIND cache and Unbound cache. With our solutions, you can ensure high performance and reliability for your DNS queries.
DNS Disaster Recovery
In the event of a disaster or ISP failure, TCPWave's DNS cache appliance takes charge as an authoritative emergency appliance, ensuring business continuity during network blackouts. Our solutions enable you to stay connected and operational, even during the most challenging situations.
Dual DNS
We offer ISC's BIND, Unbound, and NSD DNS flavors preloaded with our remote appliance package. After configuration, they work in sync, ensuring continuous DNS operations, even during DNS attacks or physical failures.
Stealth DNS Master
Our stealth DNS master keeps your master DNS appliance hidden from the DNS infrastructure, protecting your DNS data. The authoritative DNS appliances visible on the network function as DNS slaves, ensuring your DNS zones are not writable.
We ensure high availability and continuity of DNS services by configuring multiple authoritative DNS appliances as master or slave. This is done by allowing a single DNS zone to serve multiple appliances, resulting in a comprehensive DNS resiliency solution for organizations.

Overall, our DNS resiliency is a comprehensive solution that provides organizations with the tools they need to protect their DNS infrastructure from threats, ensure high availability and reliability, and maintain business continuity. By leveraging advanced technologies and techniques, we enable you to maintain complete control over your DNS infrastructure and ensure that your DNS services remain available to your users, customers, and partners at all times. With TCPWave, you can rest assured that your DNS infrastructure is in good hands and that your business is protected against any eventuality.