DNS for DevOps: Unlocking Agility and Automation with Our DDI Solutions

Supercharge your DevOps lifecycle: TCPWave's intelligent DNS takes the lead


Seamless DevOps operations: TCPWave's intelligent DNS paves the way.

Continuous development and deployment are key focuses of DevOps teams. In this process, automatic creation or removal of networks, along with automated deployment to production, is crucial. Automation reduces the chances of human error and ensures the process is done correctly the first time. With TCPWave DDI Solutions, an intelligent DNS solution, DevOps project life cycles can be improved by integrating DNS tasks into software development and automation tools. This whitepaper provides insights on how TCPWave DDI Solutions revolutionize the DevOps landscape by unlocking agility and automation through intelligent DNS integration.

Enhance Efficiency

  • TCPWave DDI Solutions integrate DNS into software development and automation tools, optimizing continuous development and deployment.

Boost DNS Efficiency

  • Upgrade to TCPWave's intelligent DNS solution, eliminating bottlenecks for DevOps teams and enabling rapid cloud infrastructure configuration.

Achieve Agile DevOps

  • Deliver applications and services rapidly, gaining a competitive edge and enhancing customer experiences by extending agile programming principles.

Seamless Integration with IaC

  • TCPWave DDI Solutions provide rapid change propagation, enabling swift creation or deletion of multiple virtual servers, keeping up with the fast pace of DevOps environments.
DNS Needs an Upgrade

Since its humble beginnings, the internet has evolved significantly, becoming a mission-critical component of global commerce. However, DNS, one of the early elements, can now act as a bottleneck for network performance, particularly for DevOps teams. Traditional DNS management, with its manual nature, hinders the rapid configuration of infrastructure that cloud computing enables. To overcome this challenge, organizations need an intelligent DNS solution that seamlessly integrates with DevOps software. TCPWave DDI Solutions offers the perfect solution to remove the bottleneck traditional DNS can create.

Extending Agile with DevOps

DevOps extends the principles of agile programming, breaking down silos and merging development, testing, and operations responsibilities. By doing so, organizations can deliver applications and services at high velocity, evolving and improving products faster than traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed empowers organizations to better serve customers and gain a competitive edge.

Extending Agile with DevOps
Rapid Change Propagation is Essential

In a DevOps environment, it is crucial to remove bottlenecks and delays from the development, testing, and deployment cycles. When automating the creation or deletion of multiple virtual servers with a single click using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), waiting for DNS changes to propagate becomes a hindrance. To ensure a smooth process, intelligent DNS with rapid change propagation is essential. When selecting DNS vendors to support a DevOps environment, it is vital to test the speed of network propagation for changes. TCPWave DDI Solutions excels in providing rapid change propagation, enabling DNS to keep up with the pace of IaC software and service discovery processes.

The Role of Service Discovery

Service discovery is essential for applications or servers to identify available services, associated IP addresses, and ports on the network. Traditional methods of tracking this information using periodically updated databases are no longer sufficient in the DevOps age. Real-time service discovery tools like Consul, Apache Zookeeper, and Etcd (with Registrator and confd) have become necessary. By tightly integrating service discovery with TCPWave DDI Solutions, organizations can ensure synchronization between service information and DNS configuration, providing accurate and up-to-date data.

Moving Toward Intelligent DNS
Moving Toward Intelligent DNS

DevOps demands robust DNS features, similar to those required for external internet traffic. When choosing a DNS vendor, it is essential to partner with an industry leader that offers the flexibility, agility, and reliability necessary for seamless application delivery. TCPWave DDI Solutions provides a comprehensive feature set, including support for zone transfers, an anycast DNS network, a robust API for automation and integration with popular DevOps tools, native integration with IaC, and an SLA that guarantees reliability and performance.

Where IaC Comes In

DevOps professionals aim to create server environments that closely resemble the way software developers build and maintain application source code. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the key to achieving this goal. It comprises three primary constituents: unit/integration testing, infrastructure blueprints, and version control. DevOps teams can use configuration as code (CaC) tools like Terraform, Ansible, and Chef to create infrastructure blueprints, facilitating reusable, consistent, and rapid deployments. By coupling intelligent DNS, such as TCPWave DDI Solutions, with infrastructure and configuration changes, organizations ensure a smoother and more automated process.


In conclusion, our DDI solutions revolutionize the DevOps landscape by unlocking agility and automation through intelligent DNS integration. By addressing the need for an upgrade in DNS management, TCPWave eliminates the bottlenecks that hinder network performance for DevOps teams. The extension of agile principles with DevOps empowers organizations to deliver applications and services at high velocity, gaining a competitive edge in the market. Rapid change propagation becomes essential in the DevOps environment, and TCPWave excels in providing seamless integration with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) processes, ensuring smooth and automated deployments. By tightly integrating service discovery, our DDI solutions guarantee accurate and up-to-date data synchronization between service information and DNS configuration. Partnering with TCPWave, organizations can embrace intelligent DNS features and enjoy the flexibility, agility, and reliability needed for seamless application delivery, supported by a comprehensive feature set and an SLA that guarantees performance and reliability.