CloudOps Team

Enhancing your cloud experience with our ADC solution


The CloudOps team is accountable for overseeing the infrastructure and applications deployed on cloud platforms. With regards to managing ADCs, the team's responsibilities include deploying, scaling, monitoring, and maintaining ADC services and related infrastructure in the cloud. These duties entail managing vital components like load balancers, web application firewalls, SSL certificates, and other elements that ensure the secure and efficient delivery of web applications.

Collaborating with the ADC management team, the CloudOps team ensures the optimal operation of infrastructure and applications by closely monitoring performance metrics, including response times, error rates, and resource utilization. They take proactive measures to optimize performance and guarantee high availability, while troubleshooting any issues that arise. The CloudOps team's critical role is integral to delivering a seamless and reliable user experience for customers by efficiently operating ADC services in the cloud.

Themis ADC is a state-of-the-art solution specifically designed for managing cloud-based application delivery. A significant advantage of this solution is its ability to be seamlessly hosted on a range of cloud service providers (CSPs), including AWS, Google, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and OCI. This feature enables quick and easy deployment and management within a cloud environment, particularly beneficial for businesses requiring high flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, Themis ADC offers an automation-friendly design with a RESTful API, enabling effortless integration with automation tools like Ansible and Terraform. By allowing for remote configuration and management across multiple CSPs, Themis ADC can save valuable time and resources.

The Themis ADC, which is cloud-based, can conveniently adjust its scalability based on the varying demands of applications or users. This is because cloud-based ADCs are deployed in the cloud, enabling remote workers to effortlessly access and manage applications from anywhere. In addition to its scalability and remote accessibility, the Themis ADC's cloud-based deployment also provides improved resilience and redundancy, ensuring that applications remain available even in the event of hardware failure or network disruption. This makes it a reliable solution for organizations that require high application availability and performance in their cloud environments.

Themis ADC offers advanced security features such as DDoS protection, SSL/TLS encryption, and WAF (Web Application Firewall) protection. These features ensure the safety of the network and data from potential threats in a cloud environment. The Themis ADC solution is cost-effective as it reduces the number of servers needed in a cloud environment, thereby reducing hardware and maintenance costs. Themis ADC can manage compute, security groups, and network resources remotely across all major cloud service providers using northbound REST API calls. This makes it easy to deploy and manage the solution in a multi-cloud environment.

Themis ADC is a valuable solution for cloud operations teams, as they help to optimize application performance, improve availability and reliability, and enhance application security. By leveraging the benefits of Themis ADC, cloud operations teams can ensure that their applications are running at peak performance, and that they are delivering a high-quality user experience to their customers.