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Accelerate network security with TCPWave Layer 4 firewall: Streamline protection against malicious traffic


Defend your network with confidence!

In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, safeguarding your network against malicious activity is paramount. The TCPWave Layer 4 firewall provides a robust defense mechanism by leveraging the power of DNS based filtering to efficiently block blacklisted domains. By operating at the transport layer, it offers significant advantages in processing incoming traffic, especially when dealing with a mixture of malicious and genuine requests. This security feature is available as a part of our core solution, without any extra license.

DNS Match Options

  • The TCPWave Layer 4 Firewall provides match options to filter DNS packets based on various criteria, such as source or destination IP address, source or destination port, DNS query types, DNS query names, and more.

DNS Target Options

  • Enhance DNS packet control with TCPWave Layer 4 Firewall's target options, enabling modification and redirection of DNS packets for enhanced network flexibility and security.

DNS Connection Tracking

  • The TCPWave Layer 4 Firewall integrates with the connection tracking mechanism, allowing it to keep track of DNS connections and their states.

DNS Logging

  • With the TCPWave Layer 4 Firewall, you can configure the firewall to log DNS-related events and actions. This feature can be useful for troubleshooting, and monitoring DNS traffic.
Enhance Your Network Performance with TCPWave's Layer 4 Firewall

TCPWave's Layer 4 firewall ensures lightning-fast processing, focusing on network-level information, such as IP addresses, ports, and protocols for minimal latency and seamless performance. Swift identification of transport-layer attributes allows efficient detection and mitigation of malicious traffic, maintaining optimal speed. By eliminating deep application-layer analysis, system resources are optimized, ensuring efficient utilization of power and memory. Network performance remains unhindered, even during high-volume traffic scenarios, guaranteeing consistent and reliable connectivity.

Strengthen Your Network Security with DNS-Based Filtering

The Layer 4 firewall utilizes xt_dns-based filtering to effectively block blacklisted domains. By leveraging DNS-related information, it quickly identifies and prevents access to malicious destinations, strengthening network security. Regularly updated blacklists enable rapid threat identification and elimination. With granular control over network traffic, administrators can define rules, configure blacklisting and whitelisting, and customize filtering criteria. This flexibility adapts to unique security requirements, ensuring tailored protection and seamless communication flow.

Optimize Resource Utilization with TCPWave's Layer 4 Firewall

TCPWave's Layer 4 firewall optimizes resource utilization by focusing on transport-layer attributes, making it ideal for organizations with limited hardware resources. By mitigating the need for intensive payload analysis, the firewall ensures efficient processing of traffic while maximizing the longevity and scalability of network infrastructure. With seamless integration into existing network architectures, deployment is hassle-free, accommodating businesses of all sizes without complex reconfigurations. This compatibility enables immediate activation of enhanced security measures, ensuring uninterrupted network operations.

Proactive Threat Mitigation and Real-Time Monitoring

By blocking blacklisted domains at the transport layer, TCPWave's Layer 4 firewall proactively mitigates threats before they reach the application layer. This pre-emptive approach prevents potentially harmful requests from even reaching the intended applications or services, significantly reducing the attack surface and minimizing the risk of compromised systems or data breaches. The firewall provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities, offering real-time visibility into network traffic patterns and potential security incidents. This visibility empowers administrators to take immediate action and make informed decisions to fortify network defenses effectively.

TCPWave's Layer 4 Firewall for Efficient Protection and Network Resilience

TCPWave's Layer 4 firewall delivers robust network security without the added complexity and costs associated with deep packet inspection and application-layer analysis. Its streamlined approach strikes a balance between security and performance, making it a cost-effective solution for organizations seeking efficient protection against mixed traffic scenarios. By leveraging the speed and efficiency of TCPWave's Layer 4 firewall, organizations can enhance their network resilience against blended threats. The firewall's ability to swiftly process incoming traffic and block malicious domains significantly reduces the chances of successful attacks, helping maintain a secure network environment and ensuring continuous availability of critical services.


In conclusion, TCPWave's Layer 4 firewall provides a powerful defense mechanism against mixed traffic scenarios, where genuine and malicious requests intermingle. By operating at the transport layer and utilizing DNS based filtering, it ensures lightning-fast processing, enhanced performance, and efficient resource utilization. The firewall's blacklist-based filtering, coupled with granular control and proactive threat mitigation, fortifies network security and safeguards against evolving threats. With seamless integration, dynamic updates, and cost-effectiveness, we provide a reliable solution for organizations seeking robust protection without compromising network performance. Stay ahead of malicious traffic and empower your network with TCPWave's Layer 4 firewall to achieve a robust and secure infrastructure.