Leading telecommunication industries in India and Africa deliver low-latency services with TCPWave solutions


The main goal of the telecommunication industry is to deliver services with minimal latency and high agility to customers. Over the years, a few multinational telecommunication companies in India and Africa have been working persistently to achieve effective communication over large networks across the world. Distributed workloads in such complex networks have led to increased costs and communication delays. Efficient network automation is the solution to avoid delay and build a reliable network for communication. The companies have migrated to TCPWave solutions to optimize network automation to attain high availability and accelerate customer service delivery.


The main challenge telecommunication businesses face is the distributed workloads and distributed IT resources, which lead to highly complex network configurations. In such large configurations, identifying valid devices in the network to avoid security breaches and automation of the processes would be a complex issue faced by the companies. Therefore, the requirement for faster automation to deliver services with minimal latency becomes essential for organizations to ensure customer satisfaction.


TCPWave provides a secure and robust solution for device discovery as the TCPWave discovery engine identifies discovery methods and the devices to poll and automatically collects the network information via discovery agents. In telecommunication industries, there would be several devices in a network, and device discovery will improve the performance by reducing the discovery delay in the network. It allows for identifying the valid devices for monitoring which provides ease of use by reducing the attacks due to invalid devices in the network, thereby providing scalability across the network.


TCPWave automation solution optimizes the system's performance by improving the resource utilization levels, ensuring the rapid and secure delivery of services to the customers. TCPWave provides an agile and secure solution for automating the processes by seamless integration with ServiceNow, VMware VRA, Terraform, Ansible, and various private and public cloud orchestrators using cohesive REST API calls. API calls are secure enough as an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is used for authentication to ensure a secure encrypted connection for all system-to-system communications.

  • Elimination of manual intervention

    With the integration with several technologies, TCPWave's faster automation process eliminates the process of manual operations, therefore reducing human errors.

  • Accelerate service delivery

    TCPWave solutions optimize the network performance and make the operations faster, thus providing the least latency in the services.

Expand your network with TCPWave

The network management at TCPWave has seen rapid evolution over the years with the efficient DDI infrastructure as it provides the ability to support and monitor large networks. In the course of growing the company's network over the years, TCPWave has earned significant recognition for providing effective automation, robust monitoring, and cost-efficient network management. Contact us to get a demo.