A Leading Technology enterprise leverages TCPWave solutions for threat intelligence and security


Today's technological industries operate at the bleeding edge of infrastructure transformations. Organizations need their networks to be agile and adapt to diverse and unexpected challenges to stay ahead of the pack. They have been pressured to keep the networks up and provide robust security with enhanced threat intelligence to the evolving threat landscape.


The IT team at one of the technological industries was managing DDI solutions with traditional security models and strategies that required considerable operational costs. It did not provide any assurance to detect the vulnerabilities. Hence, they needed a turn-key solution whereby business-critical operations are passed on seamlessly with centralized network security management.


After thorough research with the top DDI vendors, the IT team approached and selected TCPWave Threat Intelligence solutions to enhance and expand their security arsenal by protecting their networks against DNS-based threats. It was an essential pillar of their security strategy. Our Professional services team has provided the IT team with an integrated set of solutions to monitor, manage and blend threat intelligence. TCPWave's Threat Intelligence platform accurately detects, prevents, and blocks various DNS-based threats, DGA families, and data exfiltration. The platform is integrated with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) & ML-based tunnel detection to detect malicious traffic. Additionally, TCPWave's reporting management offers various DNS, DHCP, Capacity Planning, etc., reports at no additional cost, which helps the organizations collect, analyze, and visualize granular core data.

  • Automatically blocks malicious activities.

  • Reduce business disruptions and greater visibility to all DNS operations.

  • Accelerated response to malicious events with enhanced productivity.

  • Improved threat intelligence management ensuring better resiliency.

Expand your network with TCPWave

With TCPWave's Threat Intelligence platform, one of our technology industries has achieved greater security efficiency by optimizing the performance of the entire security ecosystem and reduction in the cost of threat defense. Contact us to get a demo.