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Princeton, NJ - August 2022 -TCPWave, a global enterprise acclaimed by Gartner, provides modern DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management services to deliver best-in-class DDI and security solutions across a wide range of industries. In today's digital world, organizations look for a DDI solution that saves time, increases productivity, and delivers better experiences. With the advent of TCPWave's 11.32P4 release, organizations can enhance business from their customers, enabling cost savings, flexibility, and scalability.

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Cluster Administration

An active-passive remote DNS/DHCP cluster provides immunity from hardware failures. Ensure network service resiliency, seamless maintenance, and business continuity through the cluster administration. This feature platform eliminates a single point of failure associated with the network components.

Interactive Network Topology

Control your DDI ecosystem and perform various DDI operations through a friendly graphical user interface. This interface significantly reduces the learning curve for the network administrators.

Robust Discovery Engine

The ability to auto-discover large network topologies comprising Cisco Juniper, Arista, Huawei, FortiGate, etc switch manufacturers. Advanced methods such as distributed computing environment, multi-threading, and parallel processing are leveraged. Additionally enhanced the discovery topology diagram.

Custom Notifications

Faster and advanced subscription analytics helps organizations monitor their DDI components within the threshold value. It provides notifications about critical or warning alerts through email, Google chat, Microsoft Teams, Pager Duty, Slack, and Telegram. It enables the organizations to make better decisions and stay within compliance.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

TCPWave's DNS TITAN platform defends the organization's network from malware by leveraging Suricata Rules, Blackhole ACL, and Switch Port Shutdown to block a source upon detecting anomalous traffic. This platform is much faster and more suited for the fast-paced security world. Atlantis Deep Learning and XGBoost Machine Leaning models are rebuilt with performance improvements to combat and safeguard the DNS from various attacks.

Forecasting Charts Using Machine Learning

Forecasting of IPAM, DNS, and DHCP appliance performance metrics using the time series ML model. It helps the organizations identify the trends and detect the outliers.

Capacity Planning Dashboard

Capacity Planning Dashboard provides increased visibility to assess the organization's network services, ensuring the DDI controller has adequate machine resources. Identify the usages of DDI components, bandwidth sources, and the top talkers. Optimize the current network usage and a proactive approach in allocating resources for future requirements.


A few newly added reports are the Switch Port Utilization report, DNS SERVFAIL responses report, IPv6 Block Utilization, DNS Statistics Report per Zone, Microsoft Active Users Report, etc. The TCPWave's reporting framework helps the organizations gain out-of-box visibility of all the operations performed on their infrastructure. It helps spot security lapses that allow the organizations to focus on their core business operations.

Miscellaneous Features

Powerful DDI migration wizard, IPv6 performance and stability fixes, Parallel Processing of zone bulk updates from IPAM, upgrade BIND to v9.16.30.

About TCPWave Inc

TCPWave, Inc. pioneered software-driven, cognitive cloud networking for large-scale hybrid cloud data centers and campus environments. TCPWave's award-winning platforms redefine and deliver availability, agility, automation, analytics, and security. TCPWave has a proven track record of serving billions of DNS requests with a 99.99999% SLA. Committed to open standards across private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions, TCPWave products are supported worldwide directly and through OEM partners.

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