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TCPWave delivers the new features, improvements, and stability fixes for it's TCPWave DDI application. This page displays the information about the changes in the latest version of the product, you can also find detailed information about these updates in the Release Notes.

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Product Version:  v11.33P1

Product Component


TCPWave's Application Delivery Controller (ADC)

Feature: Introduced TCPWave's Application Delivery Controller (ADC) management solution that comprises three major components - GSLB (Global Server Load Balancer), SLB (Server Load Balancer), and WAF (Web Application Firewall). The solution ensures the availability of business-critical enterprise applications and global server load balancing across diverse environments with minimum network latency and downtime. Additionally, it provides continuous security for applications and infrastructure against web attacks and other key threats.


Feature: Integrated ISC Kea DHCP 2.2.0 version with TCPWave IPAM with the following functionalities:

  • Add, edit, and delete operation of Kea DHCP appliances.
  • Associating the Kea DHCP appliance with the subnets.
  • Creation and deletion of scopes and DHCP manual objects.
  • Auto DHCP incremental updates, full synchronization, and full pull from remote with acknowledgment status messages.
  • Auto lease updates to IPAM and publishes auto DDNS adds and deletes for lease objects.
  • Ability to view and sync active leases on appliances and subnet level.
  • Support the configuration assurance checks, monitoring alerts, version matrix checks, and system summary analysis.

IPv6 Functionality

Enhancement: Enhanced the IPv6 functionality to support various functionalities such as Auto Force Sync, Exclude From Sync, DNSSEC, Force Sync, Reverse DNS lookups, and NS records in Managed DNS IPv6 Reverse Zone.

Information Security Upgrades

Upgrades: Upgraded the following components:

  • BIND
  • NSD
  • OpenSSH
  • OpenSSL
  • MariaDB
  • Suricata
  • Zeek

DNS Threat Management


  • Atlantis - A deep learning model integrated with TCPWave's Network Security Monitoring (NSM) template is enhanced to sniff the DNS Over HTTPS (DoH) packets using the DoH field.
  • Added Advanced Threat Intelligence dashboard that includes the count of Queries Per Second (QPS), Anomalies Per Second (APS), Remotes, Top QPS & APS data, Anomalous Source Geo Map, etc.
  • Added Entropy number field as part of anomaly detection. It is a statistical parameter that measures the amount of information produced on average for each letter of a DNS query.

Fault Management


  • Added a benchmark alert for QPS to check the OK or CRITICAL alerts.
  • Added Force Recheck support for multiple alerts.
  • Added new monitored service DHCP_CONF_CHECKSUM to monitor the checksum value of the DHCP configuration file on IPAM and the respective remote DHCP appliances.

Cluster Administration

Feature: Added validation to check the member node's patch levels while resetting the remote HA cluster.

Network Discovery

Feature: Added Discovery dashboard, a central repository to monitor ongoing discovery operations. It includes the count of the Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Router Subnets, Switch Subnets, and Subnet Mismatches.

Network Management

Features: The following features are introduced:

  • Support for DNS Over HTTPS (DoH).
  • Progress indicator for DNS/DHCP sync operations.
  • Added an option to import whitelisted and blacklisted domains into the TCPWave's Network Security Monitoring (NSM) template.
  • Enhanced Flush functionality to delete the cached data of a particular zone or record from multiple appliances with recursion enabled.
  • Provided the ability to use a non-standard port for SSH.
  • Provided the ability to map A record's IP address to the corresponding object in IPAM.
  • Provided the ability to control and specify the forwarders at DNS view level.
  • Network Hierarchy Topology diagram.

Reports Management


  • Modified Microsoft Active Users Report- To fetch user information from Domain Controllers.
  • Extended Attribute Audit Report.
  • DNS Queried Alternate Domains Report.

Global Policy Management


  • Added the following global options to monitor the DNS responses when the DNS resolution has failed.
    • Alert for NXDOMAIN/SERVFAIL Responses.
    • Threshold limit for NXDOMAIN/SERVFAIL Responses.
  • Added a new global option, SAML Fully Qualified Name of the IPAM, which fetches the FQDN name for SAML authentication.

Performance Management

Features: Added support for the following functionalities within the TCPWave IPAM:

  • Windows Event Logs.
  • Microsoft DNS Statistics.
  • Microsoft DHCP Statistics.

CLI Updates

This release has many newly added and modified CLIs; a few of them are listed below:

  • addslbfrontend
  • addpoolassociations
  • addslbaclruleset
  • adddnszonetmpl
  • adddnsview
  • adddnsdohtmpl
  • deleteslbfrontend
  • deletepoolassociations
  • deleteslbaclruleset
  • editslbbackend
  • editslbadvruleacl
  • editdnsview
  • editdnszonetmpl
  • editdnsdohtmpl
  • editipv6rr
  • getslbappliance
  • getslbopttmpl
  • importmicrosoftdhcpserver
  • importproxyrootzone
  • listpoolassociations
  • listslbfrontend
  • listslbbackend
  • listipv6rr
  • setslbopttmpl
  • setdnsserver

For a complete list of the improvements, as well as optimization fixes, download the v11.33P1 Release Notes.