Secure Your Digital Footprint with TCPWave DNS

Enforce DNS best practices for enhanced cybersecurity


Stay ahead of DNS threats to safeguard your digital assets with our streamlined solution.

DNS (Domain Name System) is a critical component of your online infrastructure, translating domain names into IP addresses and enabling seamless access to websites and services. To ensure a secure and reliable online presence, it is crucial to implement DNS best practices. In this article, we will explore how the TCPWave DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management) solution can enhance DNS best practices, providing robust security, reliability, and performance.

Adhering to DNS best practices is essential for maintaining a secure, reliable, and high-performing online presence. By implementing security measures, optimizing performance, and ensuring the reliability of your DNS infrastructure, you can protect your organization, enhance user experiences, and build trust with your audience.

Enhanced Security

  • Maintain a secure online presence with TCPWave's DNS solution, incorporating DNSSEC for data integrity, threat intelligence for proactive security, and robust protection against DNS spoofing and tampering.

Improved Reliability

  • TCPWave's DDI-managed DNS ensures reliable infrastructure with redundancy, load balancing, proactive monitoring, and optimized performance, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to online services.

Optimize Performance

  • Ensures fast and efficient DNS resolutions with advanced caching and intelligent traffic distribution, improving application performance.

Streamlined DNS Management

  • Simplifies DNS configuration, updates, and monitoring, ensuring streamlined management and improved efficiency.
Secure DNS Communication and Advanced Protection

TCPWave DDI offers secure DNS resolvers supporting DNS-over-TLS (DoT) and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) protocols. By encrypting DNS queries and responses, ensuring secure communication, protecting against eavesdropping, tampering, and safeguarding user privacy. Additionally, our DDI's robust DNS firewall, powered by threat intelligence and AI, filters and blocks malicious DNS traffic, providing advanced protection against malware and DNS-based attacks. The solution also includes features like B2B DNS Proxy, DNS RPZ, and rate limiting for enhanced security.

Optimize DNS Performance and Enhance Resilience

Our DDI combines comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities to ensure optimal DNS performance. With real-time tracking of response times, query success rates, and DNS availability, our DDI enables proactive management and a seamless user experience. Our solution's machine learning algorithms detect and alert on DNS anomalies, enhancing capacity planning. Additionally, we support redundant DNS server configurations across multiple geographical locations, providing high availability and fault tolerance. Leveraging load balancing capabilities, you can efficiently distribute traffic, minimize response times, and create a resilient DNS infrastructure. Deploying DNS Anycast is made simple with TCPWave DDI.

Enhanced Security and Trust

We integrate robust security features to protect against unauthorized DNS updates. By leveraging GSS-TSIG, only authorized clients can perform DNS updates, preventing unauthorized modifications and maintaining the integrity of the DNS infrastructure. Our DDI also supports DNSSEC, allowing you to digitally sign DNS records and verify their authenticity and integrity. With built-in DNSSEC functionality, our DDI mitigates the risk of DNS cache poisoning attacks, ensuring trust and security in DNS transactions.

Improved DNS Traffic Analysis and Insights

Our DDI combines DNS caching mechanisms with regular software updates to deliver enhanced performance and security. By leveraging DNS caching, our DDI reduces the load on your DNS infrastructure, improving response times and optimizing application performance. Additionally, we regularly update our software to address vulnerabilities and bugs, ensuring that your DNS infrastructure remains secure and protected. With the ability to patch and upgrade the entire ecosystem from a single web interface, our DDI provides seamless updates without service disruptions.

Efficient Access Control and Configuration Management

Our DDI streamlines access control with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) capabilities, enabling granular control over DNS management systems. By assigning appropriate permissions to administrators based on their roles, organizations can minimize the risk of unauthorized changes or malicious activities. Additionally, our DDI simplifies DNS configuration management, allowing easy review and modification of DNS settings to ensure accuracy, security, and optimal performance.


By leveraging our DDI solution, organizations can enhance DNS best practices and ensure a secure and reliable online presence. With features such as DNSSEC support, secure resolvers, DNS firewall capabilities, monitoring, redundancy, caching, RBAC, and simplified configuration management, TCPWave DDI provides a comprehensive solution for DNS management. Protect your DNS infrastructure against threats, optimize performance, and provide a seamless user experience with TCPWave DDI's advanced features and robust security measures.