Empowering Cloud DNS Management with TCPWave

The synergy of TCPWave DDI and ADC with the power of Atlantis


Revolutionize your cloud DNS: Adaptive DNS management for modern enterprises.

As the digital transformation reshapes business landscapes, cloud computing has emerged as the bedrock of modern organizations, offering unparalleled scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency. In this dynamic cloud environment, efficient Domain Name System (DNS) management is pivotal for seamless connectivity and optimized user experiences. TCPWave, a groundbreaking DDI solution, coupled with Application Delivery Controller (ADC) capabilities, presents a comprehensive approach to DNS management in the cloud. To further enhance our capabilities, we synergize with Atlantis, a cutting-edge cloud management platform. This article explores how the combined power of our DDI and ADC with Atlantis revolutionizes DNS management in diverse cloud environments, ranging from on-premises to leading cloud providers like AWS, Google, and Azure.

Improved Application Availability

Streamlined Cloud DNS Management

  • Our DDI and ADC, in synergy with Atlantis, provide a cohesive and adaptable architecture, enabling organizations to efficiently manage DNS across diverse cloud deployment scenarios.
Proactive Issue Resolution

Enhanced Visibility and Control

  • With on-premises deployment empowered by Atlantis, organizations gain localized control and heightened visibility over their cloud ecosystem, strengthening security and governance measures.
Enhanced Infrastructure Optimization

Scalable Performance and Security

  • Our DDI and ADC, supported by Atlantis, deliver high-performance DNS services with global data centers, ensuring exceptional service quality and robust security measures.
Competitive Advantage

Simplified Multi-Cloud Operations

  • We seamlessly manage DNS services from leading cloud providers, facilitated by Atlantis, ensuring centralized control and promoting consistency in multi-cloud DNS management.
Empowering Cloud DNS Management
Flexible Deployment Options: A Comprehensive DNS Management Approach

Our DNS management presents three deployment choices: on-premises for control, cloud-only mode for cloud-focused organizations, and hybrid mode for combining both. Integrated with Atlantis, we enhance visibility, security, and optimized performance across cloud ecosystems, offering seamless navigation of complex cloud infrastructures. This flexibility empowers organizations to tailor their DNS management approach to their unique needs and harness the full potential of cloud services.

Scalable Design and Global Network of Data Centers: Ensuring High-Performance Security Services

Our DDI and ADC solution, empowered by Atlantis, is designed with scalability and high performance in mind. Our solution operates on a global network of data centers, leveraging cloud-based infrastructure to deliver exceptional service quality across multiple regions. Atlantis' performance optimization capabilities complement TCPWave, ensuring consistent and reliable DNS services, regardless of geographical boundaries or fluctuations in demand.

Empowering Cloud DNS Management
Empowering Cloud DNS Management
Managing Managed DNS Services: Unifying DNS Management Across Cloud Providers

Our capabilities extend beyond our own virtual cloud instances. Our solution seamlessly manages managed DNS services from various leading cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, Google, and Cloudflare. By harnessing Atlantis' unified management interface, organizations enjoy a centralized control panel, streamlining DNS operations and promoting consistency in multi-cloud DNS management.

Advanced Discovery Features for Cloud VPC Management: Simplifying Resource Integration

Managing resources in Cloud Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) can be complex and time-consuming. Our advanced discovery features, coupled with Atlantis' automated resource discovery and mapping, simplify cloud VPC management. Our joint solution seamlessly identifies and integrates cloud resources, reducing manual intervention, and minimizing configuration errors. This enhances operational efficiency, accelerates deployment times, and ensures rapid adaptation to changes in the cloud infrastructure.

Empowering Cloud DNS Management

Our DDI and ADC, in synergy with the power of Atlantis, redefine DNS management in the cloud era. With deployment options ranging from on-premises to cloud-only and hybrid models, our solution offers unmatched flexibility, tailored to the unique needs of each organization. The seamless integration and management of managed DNS services across leading cloud providers, facilitated by Atlantis, elevate DNS management efficiency and control in multi-cloud environments. Embrace the combined might of TCPWave DDI and ADC with Atlantis to optimize DNS management in the cloud. Whether operating on-premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid deployments, our adaptive approach, complemented by Atlantis' cloud management prowess, empowers organizations with unmatched performance, security, and efficiency. In an ever-evolving cloud landscape, TCPWave and Atlantis stand as the ultimate partners, empowering organizations to navigate the cloud frontier with confidence, armed with cutting-edge technology and unified management capabilities.