A professional baseball organization leverages TCPWave solutions for robust monitoring and availability


Nowadays, numerous sports are being broadcasted live to a global audience on several platforms. The main goal for sports organizations is to provide a smooth broadcast to the audience without any interruptions in the services. To achieve this goal, data analytics and network monitoring play a key role in providing statistics about the network architecture during the live broadcast. A major sports organization has moved to TCPWave solutions to improve network performance and enhance availability.


The major challenge faced by sports organizations is the lack of network visibility which may lead to false alerts while monitoring the network. Managing distributed networks becomes a difficult task as data analytics requires robust networks for providing statistics during a live game broadcast to a global audience. A robust network monitoring system is required to eliminate erroneous devices in the network and avoid network downtime.


TCPWave's robust network monitoring system constantly monitors the network infrastructure for identifying thresholds, security breaches, and misconfigurations, thus, enhancing network visibility. Leveraging the TCPWave IPAM, the administrators can monitor the response time, network uptime, etc to improve the network performance in order to ensure the availability and alert the engineers in the case of any malicious events to take corrective actions for resolving them. A few of the critical components such as the DNS and DHCP services on the remotes are constantly monitored to ensure smooth DDI availability. The statistics resulting from monitoring can be used in data analytics for effectively managing resources and optimizing efficiency.

  • Eliminates the errors caused due to human intervention.

  • Provides reliable IP address management.

  • Centralized administration of multiple servers.

  • Provides the ability to handle thousands of requests per second.

Expand your network with TCPWave

With TCPWave robust solutions, one of the major sports organizations have achieved reliability and availability by optimising the system performance. Our professional services team has performed extremely large scale migrations involving millions of IP addresses with zero downtime to the franchise critical DHCP infrastructure. Contact us to get a demo.