Improving Monitoring and Availability: TCPWave Solutions Empower a Professional Sports Organization


With the increasing popularity of live sports broadcasts across multiple platforms, uninterrupted service delivery has become a top priority for sports organizations. Leveraging data analytics and network monitoring, these organizations rely on accurate network statistics during live broadcasts. To optimize network performance and enhance availability, a prominent sports organization has transitioned to TCPWave solutions, empowering them to deliver seamless live broadcasts to a global audience.

Addressing Network Visibility and Management Challenges in Global Sports Organizations

Sports organizations encounter a significant challenge in the form of limited network visibility, leading to false alerts and hindered network monitoring. The management of distributed networks becomes complex, especially when data analytics are crucial for delivering real-time statistics during global live game broadcasts. To address these challenges, a robust network monitoring system is essential to identify and eliminate erroneous devices within the network, ensuring uninterrupted network performance and mitigating downtime risks.

Enhancing Network Visibility and Performance with TCPWave IPAM in Sports Organizations

At TCPWave, we offer a robust network monitoring system that continually scans the network infrastructure to identify thresholds, security breaches, and misconfigurations, thereby enhancing network visibility. With our IPAM solution, administrators can monitor key performance metrics such as response time and network uptime to improve overall network performance and ensure high availability. Our monitoring system also includes real-time alerts for engineers to swiftly address any malicious events and take corrective actions. Critical components like DNS and DHCP services on remotes are consistently monitored to ensure seamless DDI availability. Furthermore, the statistics gathered from our monitoring system can be leveraged for data analytics, enabling effective resource management and optimizing network efficiency.

Improved Reliability and Efficiency through Centralized IP Address Management and Server Administration

By eliminating errors caused due to human intervention, we ensure reliable IP address management. Our solution also facilitates centralized administration of multiple servers, providing the capacity to handle thousands of requests per second, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.

Expand your network with TCPWave

Through our robust solutions, a leading sports organization has successfully achieved enhanced reliability and availability by optimizing system performance. With our professional services team's expertise, we have seamlessly executed large-scale migrations involving millions of IP addresses, ensuring zero downtime for the franchise's critical DHCP infrastructure. Contact us to get a demo.