A Multinational Insurance Organization Achieves Reliability and Security with TCPWave


For decades, organizations across various industries have relied on manual network operations, resulting in numerous misconfigurations and legacy issues. A multinational insurance organization, serving clients worldwide, faced challenges with rising infrastructure costs and operational overhead, making it difficult to maintain smooth application performance. Their primary goal was to adopt a modernized solution that offered agility, flexibility, minimal latency, and high availability. To achieve this, they recognized the need for a secure DDI infrastructure. As a solution, the organization migrated to TCPWave, leveraging their expertise in managing internal DNS and DHCP services. This transition aimed to enhance the network management system, improve resiliency, and ensure higher levels of data privacy and security.

Addressing Network Infrastructure and Security Concerns: An Insurance Industry Perspective on Upgrading DDI Solutions

A leading insurance organization faced significant concerns regarding their previous DDI solution, particularly with the inadequacy of their IPAM infrastructure. The organization struggled with heavy traffic generated by multiple networks, causing delays in service deployment to users. The resolution of this traffic became time-consuming and prone to errors due to manual intervention. Moreover, the existing solution posed risks to the organization's security system, leaving them vulnerable to malware and cybersecurity breaches, which posed a threat to their data integrity. Recognizing the critical importance of upgrading their system and resolving the inconsistencies in their legacy systems, the organization sought a better solution to address these challenges.

Implementing Multi-Master DNS Architecture for Enhanced Redundancy and Optimized DNS Operations

Our solution offers a unique approach to IPAM services by implementing a multi-master DNS architecture, enhancing the reliability and performance of the system. This architecture utilizes multiple DNS servers as masters for a specific zone, ensuring redundancy in case of a failure. Even if one master server becomes unreachable, the DHCP and slave DNS servers seamlessly switch to another available master, ensuring uninterrupted updates of resource record information. This redundancy feature provides a backup mechanism during periods of heavy traffic, effectively accelerating DNS operations and maintaining system stability.

Delivering Agile DNS Remote Management with TCPWave Professional Services

Our professional services team is committed to delivering the utmost reliability to our customers, tailored to their specific needs. With our High Availability solution, we guarantee the resilience of our appliances, ensuring uninterrupted service even in the event of system failures or outages. To further enhance the agility and performance of our DNS remotes, we have implemented TCPWave DNS remote management, which boasts an impressive 99.9999% Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the most intricate networks. The seamless integration of automation processes has revolutionized workflow efficiency, simplifying operations and maintenance tasks for optimal results.

Securing Operational Efficiency with TCPWave

We provide an efficient solution that eliminates manual intervention through faster automation, notably during the failure of a master DNS server. This system employs AI/ML algorithms as part of its enhanced security approach, effectively protecting the system from DNS tunneling attacks by proactively detecting malicious DNS traffic. Coupled with its DNS resiliency management mechanism, we ensure an uncompromised service delivery by safeguarding the system from security breaches, thereby guaranteeing higher resiliency in operations.

Expand your network with TCPWave

The network management at TCPWave has seen rapid evolution over the years with the efficient DDI infrastructure. In the course of growing the company's network over the years, our solutions are being considered to improve the DNS and DHCP operations for ease of operation and maintenance. Contact us to get a demo.