Complex Network Segmentation with our DDI and ADC Solution

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This case study delves into a complex network segmentation scenario, wherein a large enterprise leverages TCPWave's DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) and ADC (Application Delivery Controller) solution to achieve robust security, streamlined management, enhanced performance, and seamless multi-organization support. Additionally, the case study explores the inclusion of delegated Active Directory-hosted DNS/DHCP with a Microsoft overlay as one of the options for advanced network integration.

Secure and Scalable Network Infrastructure with Granular Segmentation, and Application Performance Optimization

The enterprise operates across multiple business units and requires a secure and scalable network infrastructure. They seek to implement granular network segmentation to isolate sensitive data, enforce strict access controls, optimize application performance, and accommodate multiple organizations with diverse needs. Additionally, they desire the seamless integration of delegated Active Directory-hosted DNS/DHCP with a Microsoft overlay for enhanced network functionality.

TCPWave's DDI Solution: Streamlined IP Address Management, and Multi-Tenancy Support

Our DDI solution provides comprehensive IP address management, DNS, and DHCP functionalities. It allows enterprises to implement a highly granular IP address plan, allocate addresses based on specific criteria, and optimize resource management across multiple organizations. DNS views enable customized DNS configurations for precise responses based on source IP addresses. Our multi-tenancy support seamlessly integrates multiple organizations within the same infrastructure, providing dedicated IP address space, DNS zones, and DHCP scopes for each organization, ensuring isolation and simplified management.

Integration with ADC and Delegated Active Directory DNS/DHCP for Optimal Application Delivery

Our DDI solution seamlessly integrates with the ADC infrastructure, delivering advanced load balancing, traffic management, and application delivery capabilities. This ensures a seamless user experience, scalability, and high availability across network segments by optimizing application performance and intelligently distributing traffic. In addition, we support delegated Active Directory hosted DNS/DHCP with a Microsoft overlay, enabling the enterprise to leverage their existing Active Directory infrastructure for DNS and DHCP services. This integration ensures compatibility, simplified management, centralized control, streamlined administration, and enhanced network functionality through delegated DNS and DHCP operations.

Enhanced Security and Application Performance

Our DDI solution provides enhanced security and access control through granular network segmentation, DNS views, and multi-tenancy support. It enables strict access policies, data confidentiality, and regulatory compliance. With simplified IP address management, DNS configuration, and DHCP lease administration, our solution offers efficient management and scalability for multiple organizations. DNS views allow customized configurations, optimizing DNS resolution for improved performance and user experience. Our ADC solution optimizes application delivery through intelligent traffic load balancing, resource optimization, and enhanced performance, resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction. The support for delegated Active Directory-hosted DNS/DHCP with a Microsoft overlay streamlines administration, centralizes control, and enhances network functionality.

Expand Your Network with TCPWave

By implementing our DDI and ADC solution, along with DNS views, multi-tenancy support, and the option for delegated Active Directory-hosted DNS/DHCP with a Microsoft overlay, the enterprise successfully addresses the challenges of complex network segmentation. They achieve granular security, efficient management, customized DNS configurations, seamless multi-organization support, and enhanced network functionality. Our comprehensive suite of DDI and ADC capabilities empowers the enterprise to establish a scalable, secure, and high-performing network infrastructure tailored to their specific needs.