Enhancing Banking Operations: TCPWave Solutions for Reliability and Integrity


Financial institutions undergo cyberattacks 300 times more frequently than other industries, according to a survey cited by the New York Federal Reserve, demonstrating how appealing this industry is to cybercriminals. The security system of financial organizations should be resilient enough to prevent such breaches. A secure DNS architecture is required to safeguard the organization's infrastructure from being tampered by any internal or external attacks. Some of the leading banking organizations have moved to TCPWave solutions in order to resolve the most common difficulties faced by them which revolve around security, reliability, automation, cloud, reduction of capital expenditure, and the quality of customer support.

Impact of DNS Attacks on Banking Organizations & Countermeasures for Enhanced Security

Banking organizations face a significant threat from DNS attacks, experiencing a high volume of attacks each year, surpassing other sectors. These attacks not only disrupt operations but also impede the real-time communication of critical information. Studies reveal that traditional security solutions are inadequate for safeguarding the DNS infrastructure of banks, necessitating robust countermeasures to ensure the highest level of safety and protection.

Reinforcing Bank DNS Security with TCPWave's DDI

TCPWave's DDI solutions have undergone a rapid evolution driven by the diverse needs of prominent banking institutions. Security is at the forefront of our engineering team's focus, as our solutions undergo stringent security clearances through penetration testing and ethical hacking conducted by each banking organization. This clearance is essential for Level-0 franchise critical applications such as DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory. Our solution is fortified with robust security measures, including strong encryption ciphers, segregation of duties, role-based access control, automated disaster recovery mechanisms, network forensics auditing engines, and AI/ML-powered threat intelligence within the core DDI layer. The ability to automatically detect, alert, and prevent data breaches before they escalate into disruptive outages, safeguarding financial and reputational integrity, has established TCPWave as a trusted name in the global capital markets.

Streamlining DNS Provisioning in Private Clouds with TCPWave IPAM's Integration

We offer an extensive array of over 1700 REST API calls, featuring token-based or SSL certificate-based authentication that leverages the organization's trust stores. These versatile API calls streamline DevOps provisioning models using Ansible and Terraform, while our IPAM seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow, VMware VRA, and Kubernetes, automating DNS provisioning in private clouds. With seamless integration across various cloud service providers through their REST API calls, our solution ensures effortless management of DNS records in AWS, Google, Azure, Akamai, NS1, Neustar, and Cloudflare making TCPWave DDI a trusted single source of truth for network operators in the global command centers of financial institutions, delivered on a single pane of glass.

High-Level Data Integrity with Cost-Effectiveness

The competitive edge TCPWave brings to the table is its unique ability to prevent human error from causing a network failure. The TCPWave IPAM comes with many data integrity constraints enforced across all the layers of the tiered web application. The functional accounts of the TCPWave IPAM play an important role in the functionality of the software. We understand the standards of information security in the financial sector. The solution offers a lockdown of the privileged functional accounts using third-party solutions such as CyberArk or Hashicorp. Such integrations are included free of cost.

Expand your network with TCPWave

The professional services team at TCPWave works relentlessly to raise customer satisfaction standards. The experienced team knows how to seamlessly cut over the franchise's critical DDI infrastructure from a legacy solution to the modern TCPWave solution. With a proven track record in performing many global conversions, the professional services team at TCPWave has earned a reputation across many financial customers for being effective, prudent, cognizant, and efficient. Contact us to get a demo.