Prominent American Government Organizations Centralize their IT Services Management with TCPWave Solutions


Government sectors in today's IT landscape play a vital role in connecting their infrastructure to mission-critical environments. They face the ongoing challenge of meeting the ever-growing expectations of the public and clients who interact with e-government services from various devices and networks. A recent report by Verizon highlights the concerning trend of data breaches, revealing that 2% of these breaches are attributed to social attacks, with a 13% surge in ransomware incidents. Consequently, government sectors must prioritize securing their applications, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery, and enhancing resilience in light of the rapid advancements in IT communications. To achieve these objectives, a robust platform and unified security management approach are crucial to effectively mitigate risks and safeguard critical IT infrastructure.

Addressing DNS Security Challenges and Implementing Zero Trust Framework in Sensitive Data-Driven Sectors

With every application relying on DNS, the repercussions of a DNS attack extend far and wide, causing significant collateral damage. The challenges of securing applications and data are further compounded by the sensitive nature of the information stored within these sectors. The value of personally identifiable information makes their databases an enticing target for cybercriminals. To protect their valuable assets, these sectors require a robust security framework that embraces the principles of zero trust access control, ensuring stringent protection for both their applications and data.

Implementing Centralized Network Security Monitoring with AI & ML for Enhanced Protection Against DNS Threats

Our comprehensive Network Security Monitoring (NSM) platform offers centralized management capabilities to empower network administrators in detecting, preventing, and blocking malicious traffic. By implementing a range of rules and policies, we effectively neutralize DNS as a potential threat vector, ensuring restricted access to sensitive data and fortifying critical systems. Our robust solution provides extensive protection for your network, data centers, and infrastructure, effectively warding off potential DoS and DDoS attacks. Leveraging advanced machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) logic, we have developed our DNS TITAN (TCPWave Infrastructure Tracer and Analyzer) threat intelligence algorithm. This cutting-edge algorithm swiftly and accurately detects cyber-attacks through intelligent analysis of bi-directional DNS network traffic.

Proactive Threat Detection and Enhanced Network Security with TCPWave solutions

Uplifting the organization's existing security stack, our solution secures applications and lowers cybersecurity costs. By protecting organizations from the evolving threat landscape and detecting malicious behavior in DNS queries, we provide an essential line of defense. This aids cybersecurity teams in identifying and halting threats before they reach business-critical applications or data, offering a robust and proactive approach to network protection.

Expand your network with TCPWave

TCPWave DDI stands out as a comprehensive and cutting-edge DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) system that incorporates a range of powerful features and forward-thinking technologies. With encrypted messaging, consumer-grade UX, machine learning capabilities, and advanced analytics, our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of modern organizations. With a proven track record of successful partnerships across diverse industries, we are ready to empower your organization with our innovative DDI solutions. Contact us to get a demo.