Prominent American government organizations centralize their IT services management with TCPWave solutions


In today's IT landscape, the government sectors carry out critical works connecting their infrastructure to mission-critical environments. They must meet the ever-increasing expectations of the public and clients as they interact with the e-government sectors from any device and network. According to Verizon's 2022 Data Breach report, 2% of breaches involved social attacks, a 13% increase in ransomware. Hence, the government sectors need to secure applications, delivery uptime, and resiliency due to the advancements in IT communications. Such IT infrastructure needs a robust platform and unified security management to minimize risks.


As every application uses DNS, a DNS attack has a broader impact and collateral damage. Due to the sensitivity of the data the sectors collect and store, securing the applications and data becomes challenging. Personally identifiable information is valuable, and the databases are a worthwhile target. Hence these sectors become an attractive cybercriminal aim. Their infrastructures needed a comprehensive security framework that supports zero trust access control for their applications and data.


TCPWave's Network Security Monitoring (NSM) platform provides centralized management that helps network administrators detect, prevent, and block malicious traffic. It helps to eliminate DNS as a threat vector by applying various rules and policies to DNS traffic, limiting access to sensitive data while locking down critical systems. It protects your network, data centers, and infrastructure against DoS and DDoS attacks. An effective way to detect cyber-attacks using ML & AI logic. TCPWave's DNS TITAN (TCPWave Infrastructure Tracer and Analyzer), a threat intelligence algorithm, performs a fast and accurate detection by performing an intelligent analysis of the bi-directional DNS network traffic. The DNS Tunnel Detection logic is built into the remote management agent on the TCPWave DNS appliance.

  • Uplifts the organization's existing security stack, secures the applications and lowers the cybersecurity cost.

  • Protects the organizations from the new threat landscape.

  • Detect malicious behavior in DNS queries.

  • It aids the cybersecurity teams in identifying and stopping threats before they reach business-critical applications or data.

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The TCPWave DDI is a feature-rich and future-ready DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including encrypted messaging, responsive consumer-grade UX, machine learning, and advanced analytics. Our solutions are purpose-built for environments with the highest levels of resilience, performance, and scalability. We have a proven history of partnering with different sectors. Contact us to get a demo.