A leading American financial organization optimize network efficiency and security with TCPWave solutions


Over the past few years, the financial industry has seen a great evolution with the technological advancements in information and communications technology (ICT), by supporting the development of digital markets and trading platforms. The major objective of trading organizations is to provide services to the users without any delay or interruptions in the transactions or exchange of funds. To achieve this goal, the most common concerns involved are security, reliability, and latency. Prominent financial organizations have leveraged TCPWave solutions to optimize their network management system and enhance customer satisfaction.


The major difficulty faced by several trading organizations is the delay in services provided to the users due to the complex network infrastructure. The high frequency trading transactions impose a variable network load throughout the business day and after hours. The modern ultra-low latency (ULL) requires a higher degree of performance with zero downtime. A reliable DDI architecture has to be deployed in such complex infrastructure to optimize the network performance and deliver services to the users with minimal latency.


TCPWave offers a reliable solution by delivering multi-cloud DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) services with security, simplicity, and scalability. The TCPWave IPAM monitors the DDI ecosystem for thresholds, problems, security breaches, misconfigurations, overloaded data links, sluggish response times, etc. In complex network configurations, TCPWave makes secure network automation a relatively simple task by providing over 1700 REST API calls with either token-based or SSL certificate-based authentication. Human intervention can be eliminated with the TCPWave Dynamic DNS system which automatically updates the IP addresses and accelerates the network monitoring process. These solutions optimize the system architecture and improve performance by reducing the network load, thus minimizing the delay.

  • Protects the DDI infrastructure from possible threats and attacks.

  • Reduces the network load to deliver services with minimal latency.

  • Optimizes the network speed to improve efficiency.

  • Provides cost-effective solutions.

Expand your network with TCPWave

TCPWave's DDI solutions help our customers optimize infrastructure costs and effectively maximize speed with minimum latency and support environments where microseconds matter. With TCPWave solutions, the security and reliability of the DDI infrastructure are optimized while enabling the DevOps-savvy applications to embrace automation. Contact us to get a demo.