Security Alert for OpenSSH Vulnerability CVE-2023-28531- Security Advisory TWA SEC 3658

TCPWave Security
Date: June 13, 2023

All versions of TCPWave DDI Products (DNS, DHCP, IP Address Management)


A vulnerability disclosed under CVE-2023-28531 states that ssh-add in OpenSSH before 9.3 adds smartcard keys to ssh-agent without the intended per-hop destination constraints. Exploiting this vulnerability could lead to the disclosure of sensitive information, addition or modification of data, or Denial of Service (DoS).


As per the TCPWave Information Security Team, we confirm that our platform (TCPWave IPAM and TCPWave Remote appliances) is not vulnerable to CVE-2023-28531 as we use OpenSSH version 9.3P1.


No workaround is required.


No action is required.


Customers with questions on this alert can contact TCPWave Support at [email protected].

TCPWave Security