Leading automobile manufacturers leverage TCPWave DDI solutions for network discovery


Network Discovery is one of the essential components of modernization and digital transformation. The automobile manufacturing industry is undergoing numerous changes. These changes include robotics, IoT, IoT sensors, and real-time analytics to create digital factories capable of responding to customer demands and driving greater efficiencies. Cybercrime soared in 2022 with an estimated $7 trillion due to a lack of network security protocols, visibility, etc. The new normal is transitioning from legacy environments into modern ones. Network visibility becomes crucial to safeguard the organization's network infrastructure as environments change.


One of the automobile manufacturing sectors faced the following challenges:

  • Monitoring the increasingly complex network services.

  • To track all the devices that support various vendors and platforms.

  • To track the port utilization.

  • Staying up to date on how the devices are utilized and secured

Therefore, the sector was looking for a solution that secures, ensures integrity, and visibility into their network infrastructure.


TCPWave's Network Discovery solution helps you to find all the IP addresses on your network landscape. It includes abandoned, static, and dynamic IP addresses. It ensures every IP is a valid one and is not used by a rogue or malicious device. It ensures the network is set up effectively without leaving any abandoned subnets or IP addresses to be used for another purpose. It helps to determine which ports are open and in use on each device, ensuring minimal security risks. It also helps to discover the total network assets, such as routers, switches, etc., based on the vendor type and version. It provides a centralized platform to uncover the threats or critical events across the network and maintain the system's integrity.

  • Unified overview and inventory for the entire network through TCPWave's Discovery Dashboard.

  • Provides cost-effective solutions.

  • Delivers optimal customer experience.

  • Support for multi-vendor discovery.

Expand your network with TCPWave

TCPWave's Distributed Discovery provides enterprise-level network discovery that goes beyond device-finding and is capable of threat detection, prevention, and blocking of malicious ports and network traffic. As cybersecurity is aided by network discovery, it helps the IT and security teams to gain insights into the faulty network, availability, and performance from a single console.
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