Query Logging and Reporting in DNS

Harnessing the power of data: TCPWave's role in enabling secure query logging and reporting in DNS


Seamless analytics, customizable reporting and building a secure computing environment.

This knowledge base article highlights how TCPWave, as a leading provider of DDI and ADC solutions, supports and empowers organizations in implementing robust query logging and reporting functionalities within their DNS systems. Understanding the significance of query logging and reporting, TCPWave enables users to establish a secure computing environment while unlocking the full potential of analytics.

Enhanced Troubleshooting and Analysis

  • TCPWave's Query Logging and Reporting Feature Enables Comprehensive Data Capture and Retention for Efficient Diagnostics

Efficient Network Management

  • TCPWave's Seamless Analytics and Reporting Empowers Administrators to Generate Insightful Reports, Track Historical Usage, and Identify Potential Trends

Strong Information Security

  • TCPWave's Query Logging and Reporting Capabilities Enhance Security Posture and Aid in Meeting Compliance Requirements

Proactive Threat Detection

  • TCPWave's Integration of Query Logging and Reporting Facilitates Monitoring of Suspicious DNS Activity, Enabling Prompt Identification and Response to Security Threats
Query and Response Logging with TCPWave

TCPWave facilitates comprehensive query and response logging, allowing DNS servers to capture and retain crucial data for troubleshooting and analysis. With TCPWave's advanced DNS capabilities, including the ability to store outbound queries and received responses, administrators gain valuable insights into DNS-related issues. This feature ensures efficient diagnostics and contributes to the overall stability and performance of the DNS infrastructure.

Seamless Analytics and Reporting with TCPWave

TCPWave simplifies the process of analytics and reporting by offering seamless integration and centralized data management. Leveraging TCPWave's native and open platform, DNS data is securely collected and analyzed centrally, enabling correlation with information from other DNS servers. TCPWave's robust reporting engine, along with flexible customization options, empowers administrators to generate insightful reports, assess system resources, track historical usage, and identify potential trends. This feature equips organizations with the tools needed for proactive decision-making and efficient network management.

Information Security and Compliance with TCPWave

As a cybersecurity-focused company, TCPWave places information security at the highest priority within its product fabric. By utilizing TCPWave's query logging and reporting capabilities, organizations can enhance their security posture and compliance measures. TCPWave ensures secure communication channels and provides secure download links for necessary upgrade packages. Additionally, TCPWave follows stringent patch management practices, ensuring that upgrade packages are thoroughly tested and free from known vulnerabilities. This commitment to information security helps organizations maintain the integrity of their DNS infrastructure and safeguard critical data.

Proactive Threat Detection with TCPWave

TCPWave's query logging and reporting capabilities play a vital role in detecting potential security threats within the network. By monitoring excessive DNS queries, administrators can identify suspicious activity and take immediate action. TCPWave's integration with Response Policy Zone (RPZ) empowers administrators to leverage reporting insights to identify devices querying known malicious domains. This seamless integration enhances the ability to proactively address security threats, fortify defenses, and automate security responses, ensuring a resilient and secure network environment.


With TCPWave's comprehensive support for query logging and reporting, organizations can harness the full potential of their DNS infrastructure. TCPWave's advanced capabilities enable efficient query and response logging, seamless analytics, and customizable reporting. By leveraging TCPWave's secure and robust features, organizations can enhance their security posture, meet compliance requirements, and effectively manage their DNS environments. TCPWave's commitment to information security ensures a reliable and protected infrastructure, empowering organizations to unlock the benefits of enhanced query logging, reporting, and proactive threat detection in their DNS systems.