Leading Educational Institutions have Achieved Efficiency and Scalability with TCPWave DDI Solutions


Numerous educational institutions are impaired due to the poor quality of the core network services and lack of the enforcement of best security and networking practices. Universities and educational institutions hold a vast amount of sensitive information and are increasingly coming under the threat of cyber-attacks. In the United States, for instance, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) helps protects student education records. Yet there was a recent attack on Illuminate Education in USA in March 2022, where the personal details of 820,000 students were exposed. Although most of the countries' have laws to protect the private sensitive information, there is a great need to protect student data and the Intellectual property of the educational institutions.

Centralized Control and Secure Automation for Hybrid DNS and DHCP Appliances in Educational Institutions

Educational institutions often face challenges in managing their hybrid DNS and DHCP appliances, which consist of various Unix/Linux or Windows systems along with private cloud services. Without a centralized access control mechanism, the network topology becomes susceptible to vulnerabilities and operational difficulties. In response to this recurring requirement, educational institutions expressed the need for an automated solution that can quickly deploy virtual machines using popular automation frameworks like Ansible, while also enabling centralized management of multiple cloud service providers. A key consideration was the implementation of a secure solution that surpasses the institutions' requirements, ensuring minimal knowledge ramp-up. Additionally, network administrators overseeing university data centers voiced concerns about potential service disruptions during the transition from legacy architectures to TCPWave's DDI solution.

Streamlined Migration and Seamless Handover Ensuring Smooth Transitions and Operational Continuity

Our professional services team showcases their expertise in migration, employing proven methods and robust tools to ensure a seamless transition. Through simulated migrations in a sandbox environment, they ensure data cleansing for DNS and DHCP, while the TCPWave DDI software guarantees data integrity checks and prevents orphaned data. Exception reports generated by the migration tools provide valuable insights for analysis by network administrators, enabling visual representation of the migration activity. The team utilizes either a slow injection or 01-shot method for the actual migration, with the former being suitable for distributed infrastructure across multiple data centers. Following a successful migration, our professional services team transfers the environment to university network administrators, facilitating seamless day-to-day operations without unexpected surprises or disruptions.

Uninterrupted Service Delivery and Enhanced Agility with TCPWave solutions

Our professional services team is dedicated to delivering a highly reliable solution tailored to customer requirements. The High Availability solution guarantees the resilience of TCPWave appliances, ensuring consistent service provision even during system failures or outages. Additionally, TCPWave DNS remote management empowers TCPWave DNS remotes to deliver unwavering agility, backed by a remarkable 99.9999% Service Level Agreement in complex network environments. This seamless integration of automated operations streamlines workflows, enabling effortless operations and efficient maintenance.

Expand your network with TCPWave

Educational institutions need secure and scalable network services with protection against cyber-attacks and a competent service provider of DDI ecosystems. A common observation seen after performing DDI migrations of customers in this field are the satisfaction and the ability to perform multiple changes using APIs that operate securely. The ability to invoke the rest APIs using methods such as Ansible, Terraform and Python scripts have given many opportunities to plug the DDI infrastructure into the evolving automation frameworks of various educational institutions and universities. Contact us to get a demo.