TCPWave Messaging: Fast, Reliable, and Secure



In simple terms, a message broker is something that would deliver an application's message to another application, which needs it for further processing. But it isn't effortless as what the short description says. Not every message broker would fit well for the use-cases of different classes of applications within an enterprise infrastructure. Some of them would do the job but could have performance issues, operational limitations, etc. Hence, a message broker is the core of a message-oriented infrastructure where data flows seamlessly between different moving parts. Thus, finding the right message broker is critical to efficiently solving messaging issues in various enterprise applications.

ActiveMQ is a top-rated messaging-oriented middleware service built on top of Java & offers standards-based application integration across various languages, including C#, Java, Python, Ruby, etc. ActiveMQ is probably the most flexible enterprise messaging system currently available in the market, with a history of over 17 years as of 2021. Over the years since its initial release, it has evolved to be a standards-compliant, scalable product that is efficient in handling a wide array of enterprise messaging use-cases. ActiveMQ is widely used by enterprises directly & behind the scenes in their SaaS offerings, commercial cloud offerings, etc.

Why ActiveMQ for DDI?

Administrators rely on IPAM solutions to centrally manage their IP space from a single pane of glass. An administrator gets the flexibility to push configurations to a DNS or DHCP server directly from the IPAM's WEB-UI without manually touching each & every server. In this regard, effective communication between the IPAM manager & the connected DNS or DHCP servers becomes business-critical. Different vendors depend on different messaging systems & some of them even depend on obsolete technologies. TCPWave Engineering team has done extensive research & analysis before choosing ActiveMQ over other messaging systems currently available in the industry. ActiveMQ turned out to be the most efficient messaging middleware out of all other popular technologies that were considered. Key benefits of ActiveMQ are:

  1. ActiveMQ can provide robust, reliable & one-time message delivery guarantees.
  2. It supports many messaging protocols & has matured libraries to allow connectivity from different operating systems & programming languages. It seamlessly supports integration between an application written in Java & another one written in Python(Just an example) - which typically could be a challenge with most other messaging systems available.
  3. Highly scalable
  4. Since broker clustering is supported, failover to another TCPWave IPAM in the event of failure becomes easy.
  5. Supports multiple protocols like HTTP/HTTPS, STOMP, UDP, etc., for connectivity.
  6. Provides reliable communication between IPAM & DNS or DHCP Servers.
Active MQ - Work Flow

The content above and sections on Active MQ working is available in a complete document, which you can access by using the download button below.