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Hyderabad, IN - July 2021 - TCPWave, a global enterprise acclaimed by Gartner, provides modern DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management services to deliver best-in-class DDI and security solutions across a wide range of industries.

With the rapidly growing technology and increasing complexity of data breaches, the scope and scale of Identity Administration continue to witness steady growth. TCPWave's Identity Administration (IA) provides a building block of security - necessary for the enterprises' user accountability and avoids unauthorized access to the organization's networks and applications.

TCPWave's IA enables an enterprise to assign access - rights based on the administrator roles.


Segregation of Duties is a primary control that prevents and detects errors and malicious DNS/DHCP activities through proper division of tasks among the organization's employees.


An administrator role is a set of pre-defined functions that you can apply to one or more administrator groups. The TCPWave IPAM application supports the system-defined roles that cannot be edited. Besides the system-defined roles, it also provides the flexibility of configuring the Custom Admin (CADM) role that suits your changing business requirements. For each custom role, users can select the functions and associate with the role.


Administrator Groups provides a mechanism to group the administrator users. All administrators belong to an administrator group. Administrator Groups allow the users to organize, manage administrators, and make it easy to assign common access rights to many administrators at once. Using TCPWave IPAM, Administrator groups can be mapped to multiple organizations through roles.


Using the TCPWave IPAM, Administrators are created by associating one or more Administrator Groups through which the Administrators can have access to one or more organizations through different roles.


TCPWave provides the flexibility to assign permissions to the administrators and administrator groups with the Read, Write and Deny privileges for specific data.


For the enterprises with daunting environmental challenges, TCPWave's Identity Administration delivers essential business advantages:

  • Improved Security.
  • Role-based access control.
  • Provisioning of user-accounts.
  • Principle of privileges.
  • Optimized user experience.
  • Reporting.

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