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Princeton, NJ - February, 2020 -TCPWave, Inc. announced today the release of 11.30 with multiple improvements and enhancements to the security, reliability and analytics.

Multi-threaded Processing of DDNS Updates

Hundreds and thousands of DHCP clients constantly renew their DHCP leases, rendering a significant queue build-up of the upstream messages in the legacy IPAM solutions. This issue no longer exists in the TCPWave IPAM as it runs on multi-threading logic. This logic supports processing a large number of transactions at a fast rate in the TCPWave IPAM.

Most of the legacy solutions fail to scale when there are extremely large number of DNS updates. This results in a significant delay in the DNS update propagation and it could take hours to see a change in DNS. TCPWave has provided the market‘s best solution to gap this design defect of the legacy DDI solutions in its latest release.

Talking about this enhancement, the Senior Product Manager, Mr. Nagesh Thati mentioned - “With TCPWave‘s multithreaded processing logic, the dynamic DNS changes make thousands of DNS changes which have an impacting visibility across an enterprise's DNS infrastructure within seconds.”

"Timeless, agile and puristic. These three attributes describe the TCPWave IPAM in our penetration and performance testing. That's the way we have always been and will always be. 11.30 is a reflection of the past and a vision of the future. Whether you are a cloud DevOps developer or a data center infrastructure manager or a decision maker of an enterprise: the API load testing results of TCPWave versus the competition will show you the jaw dropping edge that we bring to the table. See it before you believe it." says Manohar Kamisetti about the API performance differences that the newly added multi-threading provides to TCPWave's customers.

IAM Role Based Authentication

Use of IAM roles adds advantage of cross-account access to the users across AWS accounts when they need it. When you have two AWS accounts and if you have to deal with multiple credentials, implementation of cross-account management using IAM role based authentication is the solution that TCPWave offers.

When dealing with multiple accounts in AWS, updating DNS data requires multiple IAM account credentials. The data gets updated one after the other in each AWS account. TCPWave has simplified this process by supporting the IAM role based cross-account management in the 11.30 release. This feature allows the users to update the DNS data across all the AWS accounts in a single go without having to deal with multiple AWS credentials.

Firmware Management

The most common challenge that the enterprises encounter today is to update the firmware on the underlying hardware. In the v11.30, TCPWave brings in the ability to update the firmware of the DNS, DHCP and IPAM of DELL OEM hardened appliances through its IPAM GUI using BIOS patch. Additionally, TCPWave also supports the firmware deployment of the multiple appliances that are grouped under an appliance group.

Talking about the firmware enhancement, TCPWave‘s Director of Professional Services and Training, Mr. Anto Jobai said - “With minimal number of clicks, users can now update the operating system of these appliances and can have visibility of the firmware versions along with the latest updated timestamp information.”

Improved Analytics

It is must for every IT organization to get insights on the DDI. TCPWave analytics capabilities are improved and the following additional reports are now part of the TCPWave reporting system.

Contingency Switch Report

This reports specifically designed to provide insight about the changes performed by the administrators to existing data.

DHCP Appliance Pool Utilization Report

This report provides the scope based utilization information that helps the administrators to understand the pool utilization better.

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