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Secure DNS using the TCPWave‘s next gen DNS security product

Princeton, NJ - June, 2019 - TCPWave Inc today announced the global availability of DNS TITAN ( TCPWave Infrastructure Tracer and Analyzer) to secure, monitor and prevent DNS Tunnels. With Machine Learning as the core technology, DNS TITAN can detect malicious domains and hosts on live DNS traffic. A RandomForestClassifier algorithm from powerful scikit python library pre-trained with malicious data and white reputation data, fed with numerical features such as entropy, lexican, length etc., extracted from DNS queries classifies the traffic and labels the queries.

"Poor information security practices on recursive caches have been a launch pad for malware and botnets to become potent and steal an enterprise's intellectual property. TCPWave is excited to use the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques at the core network services layer to secure the enterprise networks" says Eric Wagner, Chief Marketing Officer, TCPWave Inc.

"DNS Tunnels are dangerous and many of them go undetected" says Ms. Siripurapu, an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Scientist at TCPWave.

"The nature of the hacks that use sophisticated DNS tunneling techniques cannot be determined by a legacy technology that's designed a decade ago" says Mr. Vijay Reddy, Chief Information Security Officer at TCPWave.

DNS Tunnel Detection software gives flexibility for the network administrator to define rules to detect tunnels on top of the machine learning model. Different reports of the DNS traffic help the administrator to define the rules accurately. Firewall rules can also be controlled by this software which makes it the most efficient and preventive tool. An agent running on the DNS remote appliance constantly fetching live traffic and analyzing it and sending alerts with the detected malicious domains to the IPAM, enables distributed analysis and detection.

DNS TITAN Continues to Expand.

With the vision to provide the best secured DNS to the users, TCPWave will expand DNS TITAN to give the malicious users a very tough battle to intrude into TCPWave DNS. The plan to extensively use the industry proven technologies and artificial intelligence will keep TCPWave ahead of all the other DDI vendors.


TCPWave DNS 11.27P3 will have the inbuilt powerful machine learning based tunnel detection model that can be enabled on DNS cache or DNS authoritative recursion enabled appliance with single click from the IPAM. The TCPWave DNS 11.27P3 will be available in early July 2019.

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TCPWave Inc pioneered software-driven, cognitive cloud networking for large-scale hybrid cloud data center and campus environments. TCPWave's award-winning platforms redefine and deliver availability, agility, automation, analytics and security. TCPWave has a proven track record of serving billions of DNS requests with a 99.99999 % SLA. Committed to open standards across private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, TCPWave products are supported worldwide directly and through OEM partners. TCPWAVE, T-Mesh and NSOC are among the registered and unregistered trademarks of TCPWave Inc. in jurisdictions around the world. Other company names or product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Additional information and resources can be found at This press release contains forward-looking statements including, but not limited to, statements regarding the benefits and best practices utilized in the design, implementation and incorporation of TCPWave's T-Mesh Platform, DDI software and the enablement of consistency, security, performance, efficiency and cost savings. All statements other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements.

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