Auto Network Discovery

Your one-stop solution for effortless network discovery




Configure the TCPWave discovery agents with the seed router's information and credentials of switches, firewalls, etc., to perform a more extensive auto-network discovery that spans a few networks or the entire organization.



TCPWave discovery engine supports detecting hardware of various vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Extreme, Arista, FortiGate, etc., through TELNET, SSH, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3.



TCPWave leverages various discovery protocols, like Ping, SNMP, etc., to discover multiple devices and their IP addresses. It uses a combination of SNMP and SSH to crawl network devices like routers, switches, and firewalls to gather device information.



TCPWave leverages the vendor-provided public API to discover various network assets like virtual machines information in VMware, instances of information on public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google.


In today's distributed environments, filling the discovery and monitoring gaps is crucial to attaining the ultimate sophistication and driving optimal results. TCPWave's distributed discovery emphasizes the importance of monitoring, managing, and securing the networks to achieve the best outcomes. Here are the business advantages:

Business Advantages of TCPWave's Distributed Discovery
Automated and Intelligent Discovery

Auto discovers and maps the relationships of your IT infrastructure to quickly and accurately understand the complexity of your environment.

Enhanced Efficiency

Enhances the efficiency of IT operations within organizations, allowing for quicker results and improved service delivery.

Compliance Management

Organizations can meet compliance requirements by providing insight into network-connected devices and their security posture.

Cost Saving

Assists organizations in cutting down the expenses of managing their IT infrastructure while streamlining the process of implementing modifications or upgrades.

Efficient Asset Management

Organizations can identify unused, underutilized, or outdated devices and remove them from the network to free up resources and improve network performance.

Robust Security

Organizations can improve their digital security by identifying open ports on connected devices. Ensuring IT teams to secure them, thus reducing the risk of a cyberattack.

Improved Endpoint Visibility

Device discovery enables organizations to identify and track all devices on their network.

Increased Productivity

Organizations can troubleshoot network issues and identify bottlenecks that require optimization. It allows administrators to monitor device performance and uptime, ensuring network devices function optimally.

Network Monitoring

Provides a centralized view of the entire network and its devices, making monitoring and managing network activity easier. It helps organizations detect anomalies, suspicious activity, and potential security threats in real-time.

Simplified Network Management

Simplifies network management by providing detailed information about network devices, including their MAC and IP addresses.

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