Discovery Dashboard

Visualize your data of your device landscape with ease


TCPWave's Discovery Dashboard organizes and displays multi-dimensional data for diversified scenarios on a single console. It integrates real-time data and charts. It helps organizations discover unmanaged devices on your network and enforce accurate device access policies, and gain better control of the infrastructure.

It provides the count of the discovered routers, count of the switches, count of the firewalls, count of the subnets associated with the router, and count of the subnets associated with various switches. Snapshot of vendor devices in the form of a pie chart, snapshot of the top 10 switch port traffic utilization, and bar graph of the top 10 appliances that have the most discovered devices. Displays the discovered device's details, shows the discovered device's OS version, and displays the discovery event status.

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Router Discovery

  • In an MPLS network, the discovery process includes identifying the VRF instances and their corresponding subnets. The discovery agent has the ability to create the most specific subnets based on the option provided. Accurately discovering the VRFs and their subnets enables an accurate network topology mapping, facilitating identifying and resolving potential issues. Network administrators can ensure optimal network performance and reliability by implementing an efficient discovery process.
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Firewall Discovery

  • To maintain the security of your network firewalls, it is crucial to analyze key firewall monitoring parameters. This approach enables you to closely monitor the health, availability, and performance of the firewalls in your network. By continually tracking the vital aspects of firewall operations, network administrators can quickly identify any anomalies or performance issues and take appropriate actions to mitigate them. This proactive approach ensures that your network remains secure, reliable, and protected against potential cyber threats.
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Switch Discovery

  • To effectively manage your network infrastructure, it is essential to discover all the switches and switch stacks. By conducting regular discovery operations, you can identify all the switches and track their performance. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the network, it is important to actively monitor all the ports and obtain interface-level performance statistics. This approach enables network administrators to detect any performance issues promptly and resolve them before they affect the network's overall performance. Additionally, it is crucial to continuously monitor switches from leading vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Arista, and others to maintain a high level of network security and reliability.
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Neighbor Discovery

  • Device-specific commands should be executed to retrieve information about BGP, OSPF, ISIS, and directly connected neighbors to begin the network discovery process. Concurrently, logging in to each neighbor's device is essential to determine if it is a router or switch, using the SNMP method. Based on the device type, a discovery operation is performed. A crawler is then utilized to traverse through the neighbors of each device, establishing relationships among them. As the number of devices increases, multi-threading initiates different threads to ensure efficient and timely discovery. 
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VRF Discovery

  • The discovery process in an MPLS network involves discovering the Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) instances and their associated subnets. The discovery agent can create the most specific subnets based on the option provided. By efficiently discovering the VRFs and their associated subnets, the network topology can be accurately mapped, and potential issues can be quickly identified and resolved.

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