Revolutionize Your Network with Akamai Integration

Enhanced DNS availability & resilience with TCPWave IPAM Akamai Edge DNS


Effortlessly enhance your DNS and log management with Akamai integration with TCPWave.

TCPWave IPAM integrates with Akamai's Edge DNS, allowing organizations to optimize their DNS infrastructure management and security with the combined capabilities of two powerful solutions. This integration delivers performance, ensuring consistent connectivity between organizations and their end-users, providing greater control and visibility over network resources.

Uninterrupted Service Availability

  • Akamai's Edge DNS distributes load across multiple data centres and enable name servers in different locations to respond to queries made to a single IP address.

Seamless Scaling Capability

  • Enhance IP address space management, providing greater agility and flexibility for business needs. Edge DNS handles high volumes of DNS requests and shares capacity with other Akamai services, increasing scalability against DDoS attacks.

Efficient IP Distribution

  • Integrates with Edge DNS using IP Anycast to improve scalability, and distribution. This results in a strong DNS solution that ensures client connectivity and minimizes the impact of attacks on websites and applications.

Robust DNS Security

  • TCPWave IPAM integrates with Akamai Edge DNS, offering DDoS protection and DNSSEC for secure DNS solutions. This prioritizes network security and data protection for organizations.
Akamai Configuration with TCPWave IPAM

The changes performed in the TCPWave IPAM are automatically replicated in the Akamai console by setting up the Akamai Integration within TCPWave IPAM with various configuration parameters such as provider type - Akamai, URI, access token, client token, client secret. The created cloud provider is associated with a zone using the zone template.

DNS Secondary Zone Configuration

TCPWave offers an outstanding feature that enables the use of Akamai's cloud provider as a DNS secondary. This feature guarantees the concealment of the TCPWave master, allowing for the automated creation of secondary zones in the cloud provider with ease. TCPWave's advanced automation and management capabilities make it possible for users to effortlessly manage and configure DNS settings, while simultaneously leveraging Akamai's advanced services, including DDoS protection, cloud security, and web performance solutions. With this seamless integration, users can experience hassle-free DNS management, ensuring reliable and efficient web application performance.

Comprehensive DNS Management

The integration with Akamai Edge DNS enables effortless management of DNS zones, record sets, and queries through a command-line interface or API. This integration provides comprehensive support for all standard DNS features, including A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV, and NS record types, ensuring the smooth functioning of DNS services with minimum effort.

Akamai Log Delivery Service

TCPWave offers an advanced user interface that simplifies the configuration process of the Log Delivery Services (LDS). This feature ensures that users can easily manage their logs and perform analysis without any hassle. The TCPWave solution leverages the Akamai Log Delivery Service to gather logs and other pertinent data from Akamai's extensive network of edge servers. Our solution offers a variety of delivery methods to transfer the logs from Akamai, including FTP, SFTP, SCP, or HTTP. This allows organizations to receive near real-time delivery of their DNS query logs, thereby enabling them to gain valuable insights into the performance, usage, and security of their web applications and websites. These logs can be further streamed into Splunk for extended analysis.

With this integration, organizations can have unparalleled network capabilities and security. This powerful combination ensures optimal performance, scalability, and security for mission-critical services, enabling organizations to operate in dynamic and rapidly changing network environments with confidence. Whether as the primary DNS provider or in conjunction with an existing solution, our integration delivers maximum uptime, performance, and security, allowing organizations to focus on their core business goals.