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Achieving optimal performance and high availability for applications is crucial in today's fast-paced digital landscape. TCPWave's GSLB solution offers a robust set of features designed to distribute application traffic across multiple servers efficiently. By intelligently managing and balancing incoming requests, organizations can ensure optimal resource utilization, prevent server overload, and deliver a seamless user experience. When compared to our GSLB with traditional load balancers, the advantages become evident. Explore the intricate realm of co-locating DNS caching and GSLB services, where conventional load balancers differ from our Global Server Load Balancer (GSLB) that efficiently distributes traffic across multiple data facilities. This distinctive approach ensures optimal traffic routing, enabling a direct flow between clients and applications once the connection is established.

Business Challenges

Unlock superior application performance with TCPWave's GSLB; transforming challenges into seamless user experiences. Discover the difference today.

Our Solution

Discover TCPWave's GSLB: optimizing application performance, intelligently balancing traffic, and revolutionizing traditional load balancers for unparalleled user experiences.

Our Difference

Dive into how TCPWave's GSLB outperforms traditional balancers, optimizing traffic distribution for seamless user experiences across diverse data facilities.

Superior Performance and Availability
Superior Performance and Availability

TCPWave's GSLB excels in optimizing performance and ensuring high availability. By distributing incoming traffic across multiple servers or data centers located in different regions, GSLB minimizes latency and improves response times. It intelligently redirects requests to the nearest or least bottlenecked server, resulting in enhanced performance for end-users. Moreover, GSLB detects server failures or network congestion and automatically redirects traffic to healthy servers, ensuring uninterrupted availability and reducing the impact of service disruptions.

Geographic Failover

With our GSLB, organizations can replicate their applications and services across multiple data centers or cloud regions located in different geographic locations. This geographical diversity mitigates the risk of downtime caused by natural disasters, power outages, or other regional issues. If one data center becomes inaccessible, our load balancer seamlessly redirects traffic to an alternative data center, ensuring continuous service availability and minimizing disruptions.

Geographic Failover
Scalable and Agile
Scalable and Agile

Our GSLB empowers organizations to easily scale their applications horizontally across multiple servers or data centers. As traffic increases, GSLB efficiently distributes the load across additional resources, allowing organizations to handle higher volumes of requests without compromising performance. Furthermore, GSLB enables organizations to add or remove servers from the load balancing pool without disrupting the overall service, providing unparalleled flexibility in managing infrastructure.

Transnational Traffic Governance

Our GSLB delivers intelligent traffic management capabilities that enable organizations to direct user requests based on various criteria such as geographical adjacency, server competence, network environment, or user preferences. It allows organizations to optimize traffic routing and ensures that users are directed to the most appropriate data centers or servers, resulting in an enhanced user experience and minimizing the impact of outages.

Transnational Traffic Governance
Multi-Site Resiliency and Disaster Recovery
Multi-Site Resiliency and Disaster Recovery

Our GSLB plays a crucial role in disaster recovery techniques by enabling organizations to redirect traffic to backup or recovery sites in the event of a major service disruption. By seamlessly switching traffic to alternative locations, our GSLB minimizes the impact of an outage on end-users, ensuring business continuity and reducing downtime.

GSLB Traffic Optimization

Our GSLB employs sophisticated techniques and criteria to make traffic decisions. It considers factors such as geographic proximity, server health and availability, server scalability and load, network conditions, and user customizations. By leveraging these criteria, our GSLB ensures optimal traffic distribution, improved user experiences, and efficient resource utilization.

GSLB Traffic Optimization
TCPWave's Load Balancing Algorithms
TCPWave's Load Balancing Algorithms
  • GeoLocation

    Incorporates a sophisticated Geolocation-based technique that serves as a pivotal decision-making criterion for efficient traffic distribution across data centers or servers. This advanced approach utilizes geographic information to intelligently allocate network traffic, optimizing performance and enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Extension Attributes

    Offers enhanced routing capabilities by considering multiple factors, including application-specific metrics, business rules, and custom attributes. This intelligent approach enables more tailored and flexible traffic direction, accommodating specific requirements and considerations with utmost precision and customization.

TCPWave's Load Balancing Algorithms
  • Subnet and Subnetgroup

    Utilizes the subnet or subnet group algorithm to intelligently route traffic based on client's subnet information, optimizing load balancing across data centers or server clusters.

  • Allocate Data Centers/Server Clusters to Subnet Groups

    Establish an association between each subnet group and the corresponding data center or server cluster. This mapping should consider factors such as proximity, network performance, or any other pertinent criteria..

  • Routing Decision

    Upon receiving a client's request, our GSLB solution analyzes the client's IP subnet, identifying the relevant subnet group. Utilizing this information, the system proceeds to route the request to the appropriate data center or server cluster associated with that subnet group.

TCPWave's Load Balancing Algorithms
TCPWave's GSLB Core Proficiencies
Intelligent Health Monitoring
TCPWave GSLB includes robust health monitoring capabilities to assess the availability and performance of servers or data centers. Regular health checks determine the status of resources and dynamically adjust load balancing decisions based on their health.
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
TCPWave ADC provides proactive protection against web application vulnerabilities and attacks. It offers traffic inspection, real-time threat intelligence, customizable security policies, and granular access controls to ensure secure and reliable application delivery.
Cloud-Native Platforms
Our solutions cater to cloud and container environments, seamlessly integrating with major cloud providers and container orchestration platforms. This integration enables consistent application delivery, security, and visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
SSL/TLS Management
We offer efficient management of secure communication, handling SSL/TLS encryption and decryption processes, along with certificate management, SSL/TLS offloading, and visibility into encrypted traffic. This capability enhances performance and security for your applications.
Disaster Recovery
Our GSLB plays a crucial role in implementing strong disaster recovery measures by seamlessly rerouting traffic to alternative servers or data centers in the event of outages or failures. This automated process efficiently reduces downtime, ensuring uninterrupted service availability for users.
Compliance and auditing
Leveraging DNS automation can significantly contribute to the maintenance of precise records and logs, thus enabling effortless adherence to industry regulations and streamlining auditing procedures. By automating these tasks, organizations can ensure the accuracy and integrity of their data.

TCPWave GSLB empowers organizations for superior performance, high availability, scalability, and intelligent traffic management. Contact us to experience our advanced solutions tailored to your needs.