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TCPWave Prevents Users from Accessing Malicious Sites

Princeton, NJ - May 2021 - TCPWave, a leader in providing secure DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) solutions, has partnered with SecurityZONES to provide industry-leading cyber threat protection for end users. TCPWave's DNS Titan End User Security will be powered by Spamhaus DNS Firewall Threat Feeds to enable the TCPWave DNS Titan End User Security product with the assurance that your network is securely protected.

Companies that deploy TCPWave DNS Titan End User Security can rest assured that their end users can perform their job functions without worrying about clicking on malicious links embedded in email, documents, web pages and other communication that can cause irreparable damage to the business. DNS Titan will evaluate every DNS query, as well as outbound DNS traffic, against the Spamhaus threat feeds. Any malicious host name or IP address will be blocked, thereby protecting the end user and the company from phishing, malware, adware, botnets, ransomware and other attacks.

The continuously updated data streams from Spamhaus provides system administrators, network managers, and security practitioners with the origins of the latest cybercriminal efforts. The data is updated as soon as a threat is detected, effectively blocking cyber threats in near real-time.

TCPWave DNS Titan End User Security provides granular protection against the following exploits:

  • Bad Reputation Hosts.
    Uncategorized Domains identified as having a bad reputation. This includes hosts owned by known spammers, payload URLs, malicious tracking domains and domains associated with low reputation networks, among other factors.
  • Botnet Command and Control IPs.
    IP addresses identified as hosting botnet C&C malware.
  • Botnet Command and Control Hosts.
    Domains identified as hosting a botnet C&C.
  • Adware Hosts.
    Domains identified as hosting adware.
  • Phishing Hosts.
    Domains identified as hosting a phishing site.
  • Malware Hosts.
    Domains identified as hosting malware.
  • Botnet Hosts.
    Domains identified as hosting a botnet resource (not a botnet C&C).
  • Bad Nameserver Hosts.
    Domains that are being used as the host record for a Nameserver and classified as having a bad reputation.
  • Bad Nameserver IPs.
    Nameserver IP addresses that are hosting domains and considered as having a bad reputation.
  • Bogons IPs.
    IP addresses that have not yet been assigned to an entity and should not be generating any incoming or outgoing traffic.
  • Domain Generated Algorithm (DGA).
    Domains created from multiple domain generated algorithms (DGA). Domains that are automatically generated and usually associated with malware.
  • Do Not Route or Peer (DROP).
    The "Do Not Route or Peer" list. IPs that have been identified as being hijacked, belonging to either bulletproof hosts, or are being leased by professional malicious organizations. The very worst of the worst.
  • Coinblocker.
    Multiple lists of IP addresses and domains that are hosting crypto-jacking scripts which utilize the resources of an end user's computer to mine crypto-currency.
  • Torblocker.
    List of known Tor Exit Nodes.
  • Zero Reputation Domains (ZRD).
    List of newly registered domains for 24 hours. Domains that have just been registered are rarely used by legitimate organizations immediately

The TCPWave DNS Titan End User Security feature is a low-cost, robust mechanism to protect your company from costly cyber-attacks. The feature may lower your insurance premiums for Cyber Insurance.

About TCPWave Inc

TCPWave provides automated DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management solutions using a secure management interface known as the TCPWave IPAM. The REST API calls provided by TCPWave are widely acclaimed in the DevOps space. TCPWave's solutions allow you to securely provision millions of DNS records and DHCP scopes with seamless auditing and rollback capabilities. TCPWave excels with enterprise grade solutions that support on-prem data centers with extensions into the cloud. Visit:

About SecurityZONES

SecurityZONES, which was founded in 2010, provides access to real-time threat intel data from the leading global security research organizations via advanced IP and Domain blocklists and industry leading reputation data to improve defenses for both your business and your customers. Visit:

About Spamhaus

Spamhaus is the trusted authority on IP and domain reputation, uniquely placed in the industry because of our strong ethics, impartiality and quality of actionable data. This data not only protects, but also provides insight across networks and email worldwide.

With over two decades of experience our datasets are used by a wide range of industries including leading global technology companies, enterprise business and internet service providers. Currently our IP and domain datasets protect over 3 billion mailboxes globally. Visit:

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