Scale Your Network To Scale Your Business
TCPWave Scalability

With increasing demand to extend the operations, expansion of network enterprise is inevitable for businesses. Scaling of a network should be a planned and graceful process without any showstoppers in the network or a need to redesign the network from scratch. TCPWave provides you DNS services that are capable to support an ever expanding network landscape and simplify network scalability. Our solutions have been designed to achieve network scalability at various levels of DNS Infrastructure.

“Enterprises that are growing rapidly should pay special attention to scalability when evaluating hardware and software.”

TCPWave lets you expand and redesign your IP address space with features of split and merge address blocks as per requirement without bringing down network services and add as many IP addresses as your enterprise needs. Increase in IP address space utilization will result in increased load of queries to servers, TCPWave DNS and DHCP appliances are capable to handle high load of queries quickly and with stability. TCPWave IPAM has been stress tested with millions objects using real DNS/DHCP data from a large enterprise and no trace of performance degradation has been observed. The TCPWave appliances have been stress tested with many ethical hacking and DDOS simulation methods. Contact us to learn more about our superior scalability methods and technologies. IPV6 was launched keeping in mind the possible exhaustion of IPv4 IP Address space. IPv6 is definitely an upgrade and TCPWave provides just the right support for IPv6 to help enterprises reap benefits that come along with this version of IP address space. TCPWave helps with an expert design, provisioning, and managing complex IPv4 and IPv6 networks into a single IPAM provisioning solution.


Multi-Cloud computing is on the roll and is more than essential for enterprises to survive the storm of technology While Cloud Computing is a big leap to future, it also throws at some challenges that prevent network from scaling into cloud. To reap the benefits of business continuity, reduced investment & optimized ROI, agility and autonomy that a diversified cloud computing solution offers and leverage the services from the various cloud providers, TCPWave has devised futuristic Multi-cloud solutions to simplify network infrastructure through a single pane of glass for Network, Compute and Storage management. It offers multi cloud management for different cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, DynDNS, Neustar, Cloudflare and Akamai. TCPWave Terraform plugin provides run infrastructure as code solution through Terraform which talks to IPAM Rest API.TCPWave diversify and synchronize DNS in multiple cloud offerings from one dashboard. TCPWave brings to you cloud automation for on demand security to alleviate the risk of DDOS and other Cyber Attacks.

Manage multiple cloud providers with a single pane of glass
Manage AWS Route53

Extend your DNS infrastructure into AWS Route53 public cloud via the TCPWave IPAM. AWS Route53 is one the major cloud vendors providing DNS services. You can use the TCPWave IPAM to manage your Route53 DNS, and provision TCPWave VPC DNS instances as and when required from TCPWave IPAM. Every change in AWS is audited by the TCPWave IPAM.

Manage Google Cloud

TCPWave allows you to manage your data center DNS data and Google Cloud DNS resources in one place. Keep your data center resource records and Google cloud resource records always in sync using TCPWave DDI. Scale up or scale down TCPWave DNS instances in Google cloud with a simple mouse click.

Manage Azure

TCPWave IPAM integrates with Azure Cloud to provide unmatchable DNS and instance provisioning functionality with auditing of all DDI actions in Azure. With TCPWave IPAM, it is possible to manage all your Azure resource groups from a single interface. Combine your Azure DNS with TCPWave on demand Azure DNS instances to architect a robust digital network.

Manage DynDNS

With the TCPWave IPAM, you can leverage one of the major, battle-proven Managed DNS services - DynDNS. Have a DynDNS account? Then you are just one step away of utilizing it along with other cloud providers from a single interface. Just add your Dyn API credentials in TCPWave DDI and start managing it. Leverage our intelligent API based management software and scale up your resiliency against DDOS.

TCPWave Scalability