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In the ever-evolving landscape of web security, we stands as a paragon of innovation and reliability. Our platform offers an extensive range of web application and API protection services, catering to the increasing demands of modern digital security. With us, you can expect a comprehensive suite of tools designed to safeguard your applications against the most sophisticated online threats, ensuring compliance and operational excellence.

Advanced Web Application Firewall

Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Our context-aware WAF is engineered to protect applications and microservices from diverse digital threats, offering robust security tailored to each application, microservice, or tenant.
Multi-Cloud Application Security

Multi-Cloud Application Security

  • With us, enjoy a distributed web security fabric that seamlessly integrates with multi-cloud environments, ensuring consistent security policies and scalable protection.
Innovative Security Features

Innovative Security Features

  • Our platform meets rigorous GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS security standards, minimizing false positives and providing advanced security analytics for precise protection.
Real-Time Security Insights

Real-Time Security Insights

  • Gain unparalleled visibility into application security with our real-time analytics, including SSL versions, cipher details, DDoS attack data, and system health scores.
Comprehensive Web Application Security
Comprehensive Web Application Security:

Our WAF offers state-of-the-art ingress security, encompassing a full spectrum of web app security features to shield your applications and APIs. Our positive security model, coupled with WAF learning mode, expertly models legitimate traffic behavior, significantly reducing the occurrence of false positives.

Optimized Security Pipeline:

Our platform features an optimized web app security pipeline, including application allow-listing for trusted sources, signature-based protection with live threat intelligence feeds, and customized rule sets for enhanced security.

Optimized Security Pipeline
Real-Time App Security Insights
Real-Time App Security Insights:

We provide real-time visibility and granular insights into your application's security landscape. Customize security policies with ease, thanks to our detailed analytics on traffic flows, rule matches, and one-click rule customization, effectively reducing false positives.

Choose us for an unparalleled web application security experience. With our advanced WAF, real-time insights, and comprehensive multi-cloud security solutions, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of online security. Secure your digital assets with us, where precision and intelligence meet to create a fortress for your web applications.