Unleashing the Power of TCPWave's Solution
for Dynamic IP Address Management

Streamline DHCP operations and optimize your network infrastructure


Robust and feature-rich platform for dynamic IP address management.

Welcome to TCPWave, your trusted provider of DDI and ADC solutions. In today's dynamic networking landscape, efficient management of IP addresses is crucial for seamless connectivity. TCPWave brings you a comprehensive solution centered around Kea DHCP, offering deep insights, advanced features, and remarkable advantages for your network infrastructure. By leveraging TCPWave's DDI solution for Kea DHCP, businesses benefit from enhanced network reliability, improved operational efficiency, advanced monitoring, and performance optimization, as well as enhanced security and compliance controls. These advantages contribute to a more resilient and efficient network infrastructure, supporting business continuity and driving overall productivity.

Enhanced Network Reliability and Availability

  • Our solution ensures DHCP failover for uninterrupted IP address allocation.

Improved Operational Efficiency

  • Streamline DHCP management with TCPWave's DDI solution, ensuring operational efficiency through centralized configuration management and policy enforcement.

Advanced Monitoring and Performance Optimization

  • Our solution optimizes Kea DHCP with real-time monitoring and performance analysis for enhanced operational efficiency.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

  • Our solution offers secure Kea DHCP management with role-based access control for authorized personnel.
Understanding Kea DHCP: Empowering Dynamic IP Address Management

Kea DHCP, developed and maintained by the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), is a DHCP server renowned for its flexibility, scalability, and extensive feature set. Supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, Kea DHCP offers extensive configuration options and customization capabilities. With ongoing updates and contributions from a vibrant user community, Kea DHCP remains a reliable solution for efficient IP address allocation and configuration management across networks of all sizes. TCPWave harnesses the power of Kea DHCP, providing a robust and comprehensive solution for dynamic IP address management.

DHCP Failover: Ensuring High Availability and Uninterrupted Connectivity

At TCPWave, we recognize the criticality of DHCP services in your network infrastructure. That's why our Kea DHCP solution includes a built-in DHCP failover mechanism. By configuring failover relationships between multiple Kea DHCP servers, we ensure high availability and seamless DHCP service delivery. During a failover event, our solution seamlessly transfers DHCP lease management responsibilities from a failed server to a live server, guaranteeing uninterrupted IP address allocation and configuration for connected devices. This failover capability eliminates single point of failure and enhances network resilience.


Our Kea DHCP solution empowers organizations with a robust and feature-rich platform for dynamic IP address management. With advanced failover mechanisms, fault management, performance monitoring, resiliency management, identity administration functions, SIEM integration, configuration assurance, and central management capabilities, we enable seamless and efficient DHCP operations. Choose TCPWave as your partner for Kea DHCP implementation, and unlock the full potential of dynamic IP address management. Contact us today to explore how our DDI solutions can optimize your network infrastructure, drive operational efficiency, and ensure reliable connectivity.