Built with Java, jQuery and ActiveMQ

TCPWave's IPAM is built from scratch using the fastest and best jQuery framework and Java. One of the primary benefits of TCPWave's IPAM is that it seamlessly handles cross-browser issues. While other IP Address Management implementations have issues working with all browser versions, and the management is not possible using a mobile device, TCPWave's IPAM works with all browsers, smartphones, and tablets. Our IPAM built using the latest Java technology is much faster and can seamlessly integrate into your existing automation via a RESTful API call. RESTful APIs are better and quicker than SOAP APIs. TCPWave's RESTful API comes with extensive documentation and examples.

Click here for our REST API Example

Undo Operations

TCPWave supports various undo operations in the DDI management framework. When a network administrator performs an accidental delete, the TCPWave allows the rollback of that transactions. It avoids DNS service disruption in the organizations. The users can perform the rollback operations on the CRUD activities on the DNS Zones, Objects, DHCP Scopes, and Subnets. The depth of the product's capabilities to manage an extensive network and quickly recover from mistakes sets the TCPWave IPAM in a class of its own.