Engineered for Performance

TCPWave offers an IPAM extremely fast web interface and does not slow down even after adding 5 million IPs. As you expand your IPAM devices to provide DNS and DHCP services over a Wide Area Network, the newly added DNS and DHCP appliances self-provision from the TCPWave’s IPAM. All the configurations and data specific to each server and service is generated automatically with least human intervention. If the remote server is not at the correct patch level, it gets auto-patched from the management servers. TCPWave’s IPAM provides Fault Management, Performance Management, Configuration Assurance for compliance, Auditing and custom authentication all in one product.It also provides a powerful CSV import wizard that can import and manage 1000 networks and 300,000 /24 subnets that are not in a sequence in less than 5 minutes. TCPWave’s IPAM does not crash when a million objects are added to a zone. The TCPWave Management Ecosystem is engineered with complex home grown technology to use the physical memory of the management server to process resource intensive operations and eventually write the buffer to the disk. This technology makes a bulk database transaction complete faster from the management layer. The hardware model leverages the latest Intel Xeon technology giving you a lightning experience with our product.