TCPWave DDI - DNS SERVFAIL Responses Report


The TCPWave DNS resolvers route the clients to the applications by translating names to numeric IP addresses called DNS resolution. An authoritative name appliance resolves a domain name to an IP address and passes it through the chain of DNS resolvers to the client. When the DNS isn't functioning correctly, the recursive queries can't resolve the domain names, and they can't provide clients with the IP address of the desired query. SERVFAIL errors occur when there's an error communicating with a TCPWave DNS appliance. It could have several causes, including an error on the DNS appliance itself or a temporary networking issue. When specific unusual patterns of SERVFAIL response events occur, it may be an anomaly or indicate a software vulnerability. Hence the organizations need to understand and monitor one of the critical metrics - DNSSERVFAIL to improve response times across the entire IT infrastructure. This whitepaper provides insights into DNSSERVFAIL Responses Report within the IPAM application.

DNS SERVFAIL Responses Report

The TCPWave's Reporting platform provides a user-friendly interface to view, filter, and track every DNS query and response on your organization's network.

Report Name

DNS SERVFAIL Responses Report

Description This report displays the domain names and the SERVFAIL counts for which the DNS resolution failed.
Grid Data
  • Appliance Name
  • Appliance Address
  • Domain Name
  • SERVFAIL Count
Pie Chart Data It displays the domain name and the total SERVFAIL counts by hovering over the pie chart slice. The system highlights the count and name when the network administrators hover over the pie chart slice.
Sample Report


TCPWave's comprehensive approach to DDI management provides centralized visibility of who is accessing the applications across the organization's network regardless of the location and helps to identify suspicious activities to prevent any access to the malicious domains, and ensures the application availability. The network administrators have the power to manage the entire DDI suite with the most reliable, secure services and the best real-time views - all from a single pane of glass that serves as a single source of truth. For a quick demo on TCPWave's Reporting framework, contact the TCPWave Sales Team.