CTO Townhall Event

06 December 2023 | 6PM - 9PM
The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace

CTO TownHall Summit

Welcome to TCPWave's upcoming event! We are thrilled to showcase our groundbreaking advancements in technology. This gathering is more than just an event - it's an opportunity to engage with our team, discover our achievements, and gain insight into our ambitious plans for the future. Join us as we share our vision and innovations with the media and esteemed attendees. We look forward to connecting with you!

Date: 06 December 2023

Time: 6 PM IST

Venue: The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace, Telangana, India.

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Step into Tomorrow: Discover the AI Revolution with TCPWave

We warmly invite you to the TCPWave CTO Townhall, showcasing our innovative DDI and ADC solutions.

Join us for an evening of enlightening discussions, networking opportunities, and an exclusive preview of our latest innovations designed to transform the landscape of network engineering.

CTO Townhall Summit

Redefined DDI and ADC: Leverage our holistic management solution for streamlining network operations and reducing costs.

AI-Powered WAF: Pioneering AI-enhanced cybersecurity with customized, adaptive WAF solutions with triple-layer protection.

Alice Chatbot: Experience our automated AIOps, Threat Intelligence and interactive help with generative AI for simplified network management.

AI/ML-Based Threat Intelligence: Discover our home-grown NLP methods that elevate network security to unprecedented heights.

Multi-cloud Support: Insights into seamless integrations with AWS, Azure, GCP, and others, fostering an environment of adaptability.

Network Automation: Explore our advanced network automation solutions to reduce risks, improve efficiency, and streamline network growth and management.

CTO Townhall Summit

Murali Sappa

Chief Technology Officer

CTO Townhall Summit

Sam Parepally

Chief Information Officer

CTO Townhall Summit

Manish Shamjee

Sales Director - SAARC

Meet the Panelists
CTO Townhall Summit
Nagesh Thati
Technical Lead
  • Detailed walkthrough of AI/ML integrated in DNS, DHCP, and IPAM
  • Case study presentations on reduced risks and costs
  • Interactive session with live feedback
CTO Townhall Summit
Santhosh Kumar
ADC Lead
  • Deep dive into the enhancements in ADC and Discovery
  • Live demo showcasing real-time analytics and performance optimization
CTO Townhall Summit
Surya Shetty
  • Discussion on the future of AI in DHCP management
  • Insights on upcoming innovations and trends
CTO Townhall Summit
Amit Nagal
AI Lead
  • Recap of TCPWave's technological evolution
  • Introduction to the integration of AI/ML in TCPWave services
  • Sharing insights on overcoming challenges and achieving milestones

Your esteemed presence will add immense value to the conversation, and together, we shall explore the avenues of innovation and growth, propelling our collective journey into a future defined by security, efficiency, and technological excellence. For more information, Contact us.