DNS Monitoring provides complete visibility of the organization’s DNS infrastructure. It serves the purpose of constantly examining the performance and availability of the DNS appliances in real-time. It provides in-depth monitoring by keeping track of various performance metrics such as response time and availability status and immediately notifies you in the event of downtime. This white paper provides insights on one of the monitoring services features – Flap Detection.

Flap Detection

TCPWave IPAM supports the Flap Detection of service: An alert is checked for three times if a critical alert is detected in the interval of 20 seconds.

Figure 1: TCPWave IPAM Flap Detection


To enable Flap Detection:

Note: The system performs checks every 3 minutes to 5 minutes.


With a powerful monitoring engine embedded as a vital part of the TCPWave IPAM, organizations can improve their service level agreements and keep their mission-critical services up and running. For a quick demo of the Flap Detection feature, contact the TCPWave Sales Team.